Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Mobile DVR 1 is designed specifically for the mobile environment. This new generation Mobile 
DVR give you the compact size, better quality, adjustable recording rate, manual trigger...


■Anti-Vibration, Anti-Shock Design
■Portable Design (Outer Housing support)
■RTOS (Real Time Operating System) base
■Front Panel Design
■M-JPEG Compression, .Avi file format support
■LED Indicator for status monitoring
■Compact Flash Card for Manual & Collision Trigger Recording
■USB port for File Backup
■Friendly User Interface (Front-Panel Control)
■Plug and Play, system reboots automatically
■Synchronized Audio Recording

Specification Highlight

1.	Resolution: 720x240 (1~10fps) / 360x240 (1~15fps)
2.	Codec: Motion-JPEG, 20KB/ per frame (720x240)
3.	Recording Mode: Motion/ Continuous, 1x Audio Recording
4.	Storage: Internal 2.5”HDD x1, Compact Flash Card x1 for Trigger storage
5.	Trigger Mode Recording: Alarm input or Manual Trigger key
6.	USB interface: Access picture data stored in 2.5” HDD
7.	Storage: 20GB/ 1fps/ 1ch/ 720x240 --> 12 days
8.	Outer Housing: With Remote Controller

Video Input                                          		1 channel
Audio Input                                          		1 channel
Video Output                                        		1 channel
Audio Output                                        		1 channel
RS232 Baud Rate                     			1200/2400/4800/9600
Display Rate                                        		Real Time
Alarm Input                                           		Yes
Video Loss Detection                    		Yes
Compression                                       		M-JPEG
Recording Rate                             		360x240(15 fps)
                                    			720x240(10 fps)
Recording Duration                  			20GB HDD/ 5 fps/ 360x240 --> 4.8days
Audio Recording                            		Yes
OSD Manual                                        		Yes
Storage                                                		2.5” HDD (Notebook size)
Motion Detection                    			Yes 
USB Interface                                       		Mass Backup
Playback Source                     			From HDD, Compact Flash Card (Selectable)
Date/ Time search                        		Yes
Fast Forward                                       		x1, x2, x4
Fast Reverse                                       		x1, x2, x4
Freeze                                                  		Yes
RS-232                                                 		Remote Controller
Trigger Function                            		Manual/ Input Trigger support
     					(Image will be saved into CFC)
Weight                         			N.W      : 2.4  KGS
                                    			G.W      : 2.86 KGS
Dimension                   			Machine  : 67  x 174 x 226 (mm)
                                    			Inner Box: 290 x 270 x 120 (mm)
Power input 				DC 11~32V Power Input
Power output				DC 9.6V Power Out for camera
Power Consumption 				24W(12V, 2A)
Outer Housing Design
Recording Duration:
H.D   	Channel	Fps         Resolution     	Recording hours    	Recording day

20GB      	1         	10           720x240(20KB)     	29.1 hours                	1.2
20GB      	1             	5             720x240(20KB)     	58.2 hours                	2.425
20GB      	1             	1             720x240(20KB)     	291 hours                	12.1
20GB      	1             	15           360x240(10KB)     	38.8 hours           	                  1.6
20GB      	1             	5             360x240(10KB)     	116.5 hours              	4.85
20GB      	1             	1             360x240(10KB)     	388 hours                	16.1

2.Intelligent Recording 
3.Mechanical Consideration
4.Smart File Backup 
5.Easily Control
6.Audio Recording

To purchase the above Mobile Digital Video recorder please contact: Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering
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