COUNTER INTERCOM SYSTEM (Industrial Application)


SECURITEX counter communicator 181

What is Securitex counter communicator 181 (SCC-181)

Securitex Counter Communicator System is designed to facilitate communication between counter staff and the client where there is physical glass partition between them. The system is design for duplex communication yet it can be controlled individually. The system is also design for easy installation on Counter Glass Panel by using 3M double-sided tape. To ensure the Sub Unit (Speaker and Microphone cable) not expose, a Chrome tube is provided on the cable to conceal these cable. The master Station c/w weight down plate inside the base unit to ensure stability when place on the counter table. The silver colour finishes ensure that the system can fit into any exclusive counter deco.


This system is very ideal to be use at. Checkpoint. Military Camp. Police Post. Bank. Money Changer Counter. Resort Cashier Counter. Casino Chip Exchange Cashier. Toll Road Cashier Counter. Automated Parking Booths and even in Remote Information Counter etc.

Benefit of the SCC-181

* Crystal clear and loud communication between the counter staff and the customer.

* Hands-free 2 way communication (duplex system).

* Very high quality microphone on the master and the sub unit.

* System volume can be controlled independently for the master and the sub unit.

* System can be install outdoor or indoor.

* RECORD out connector is also provided to allow the communication at the SCC181 be recorded into a recording device.

* Microphone is open voice type and c/w flexible armored goose neck.

* LED indicator shows the operation status.

* Sub station takes it power from the master station.

* To ensure very neat installation from counter base to the Outside Sub-unit, a chrome cable rod is even provided.

* This system operated from as 9VAC 1amp Power adapter provided.

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