Securitex Marine Division

The Securitex Marines are the technologies, design and system fabrication arm of Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering. Securitex Marines supply all kinds of marine electronics like dead man alarm system; customize signaling controls, Power inverter for uses on vessel and boats. Seaman and diver’s access monitoring system and even Marine spec CCTV system for marine vessels, like supertankers, cruise ship, container barges, Catamarans, tugs boats, diver’s underwater vessel and decompression chamber etc. All our systems are very reliable and durable specially design and customize for marine industry. Continuous research and development by our highly motivate and experience talented team of engineers ensures that we are on the cutting-edge of technological advances and manufacturing.

We continually research and develop new and system and equipment to diversify our current product line. Most of the systems are source from country like UK, USA, Germany. New Zealand and Europe.


We can supply

·                     Electrical Distribution Panel

·                     Power Inverters and DC power supplies

·                     Inverters / Chargers

·                     DC Voltage Converters

·                     Frequency Converters

·                     Galvanic Isolator

·                     Marine Signal and Navigation Light

·                     Helideck Light

·                     IQL obstruction lights

·                     Waterproof fluorescent lamp with IP rated enclosure.

·                     Portable hand held light.

·                     Terminal Blocks

·                     Voltmeters and Ammeters

·                     Multipurpose water and oil pumps

·                     Submersible water / Oil pump (battery operated & AC operated)

·                     Switching power supplies 110VAC – 220VAC step down to 12 /24VDC  

·                     Waterproof electrical switches

·                     Rechargeable lead acid barriers 6/12/24 and 48VDC

·                     Marine Intercom and inter cabin communication set.

·                     License free “Walkie Talkie from 3 to 5KM” application

·                     Waterproof enclosure for use on Galley, Engine room and bridge etc.

·                     Access Control system for vessel cabin and restricted area application.

·                     CCTV with PTZ function for bridge watch and security monitoring application

·                     Finally we also design and fabricate special electronic PCB for special marine application where off the shelf purchases are not available


In short what you need in your marine application if its available we will try to supply.


International Customers:
We ship directly worldwide using major shipment carriers, such as DHL, UPS, Federal Express or EMS Postal service etc. We even hand delivered all the way to the Ship if permissible like if your vessel is dock in
Singapore port for stop over or repair work.

If you would like to order or for any inquiries,
just send us an email with your order information and system request




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