Use in car park automation, traffic lights and car wash counting loop system



Nortech induction loop detector PD134

Nortech Loop Detector

The Nortech PD134D is a single channel microprocessor based detector designed specifically for traffic control application. The PD134D has designed using the most up to date technology in order to meet the requirements of diverse applications with a wide range of configurable options available. This detector operates on a 12 to 24VDC power supply as such can be used in many applications.


The primary function of this detector is to detect vehicle presence by means of an inductance change caused by vehicle passing over a wire loop buried under the road surface. Faster operating characteristics make this unit suitable for motorways vehicle speeds.

Compact Size:

The compact aesthetically pleasing housing combined with all the industry requirements regarding features and functionality allows this detector to be incorporated into any new or existing vehicle detection system.


Diagnostic Capabilities:

The software of this unit allows comprehensive diagnostic capabilities in conjunction with the separate DU100 hand-held diagnostics readout. International patents cover these advanced diagnostics features.


Selectable Presence Time and Sensitivity:

Presence time and sensitivity setting are switch selectable on the face of the unit.


Loop Isolation Protection:

The loop isolation transformer provides protection against lightning and transient damage and allows for operation with single point to ground sensor loops.


Loop Frequency Indication:

The possibility of cross-talk (Interference) between adjacent loops/ detectors can be determined by an integral indication and eliminated by changing the frequency setting.


Delay mode:

This feature allows the detector output to be delayed for a pre-set time as used in queue detector applications.


Fault monitor:

A separate fault output relay is provided that operates under conditions of loop failure or detector / power faults.


Fail safe Outputs:

The detector output is “failsafe” providing a permanent call to the controller in the event of loop or detector failure


Vehicle counting systems, Queue detection application, Automatic gate /barrier opener, Toll application, Automation controls application etc.


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