Securitex Remote Elevator Control System


Inspection of lift car top preparation to install the Securitex Tele-elevator-control system.

Management inspect elevator controller before interfacing of the tele-elevator-controller 

Working environment is very dangerous and hot, lots of moving parts and high voltages  equipment are still in operation

Cable termination and system installed in the lift motor room will be of manufacturer standard.

Controller are ready for installation after factory test and certified safe.

Power supply in lift shaft are inspected to ensure the voltage is enough to power the whole system

All final handover will be inspected by our highly trained system engineer and top management to ensure the newly installed elevator  system do not interfere with the elevator operation

Telephone elevator controller

Cordless Phone can also be used to control the elevator

Securitex elevator division

Remote Elevator Control System

E-levatex-8 is probably the first telephone elevator controller in the world

The  Tele-Elevator-Controller will bring the elevator to the exclusive floor by making  use of either fixed-line or mobile phone. Resident just have to key in the security password assigned to them.

(Elevator Security Division)

Elevators' security systems are always overlooked/neglected in any building project, as it is rather complicated to implement, especially elevators stopping at exclusive floors. In fact after the 911 nightmare,  ELEVATOR SECURITY should be another area to look into seriously as any terrorist can carry explosive up a high rise building and leave it at the lift landing. Apart from serious security threat, elevator that goes to exclusive floor will also give exclusivity and privacy to the prestigious condominium. However, it is always not possible to have such a system implemented without the laying of massive cables from every units to the lift motor room as the installation of this system requires lift call button to be installed in every Resident's unit and the cable routed to the lift motor room. Elevator access controllers are also required. We, at Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering, after years of working on elevators and intercom systems  have developed the (E-levatex-8) Tele-elevator controller that can incorporate this features into existing/new lifts'  installation,  without laying a single cable from the Resident's unit to the lift motor room.

How does this system works?

The system uses the existing Public Service Telephone Network to send a pre-coded 4 digits code to the tele- elevator-controller from the normal telephone and even mobile phone. 

How is the pre-coded 4-digits code sent to the lift tele-controller?

In order to have this system implemented in the building's elevator, the building will need to have an intercom system at every lift lobby. This intercom must not be an ordinary intercom but a telephony intercom system. When a visitor dials the unit say 2001 for unit #20-01,. the occupant's telephone will ring. He / She will then pick up the handset to  establish a communication with the visitor downstairs. If the Resident permits the visitor's entry to the lift, He/She will  just have to press a 4 digits security password assigned to his unit. This password will then be sent to the lift-tele controller and activate the lift to his floor / unit only. 

Can this systems serve floors that have more than 1 unit exclusively?

Currently our system can serve elevators up to 4 units per floor exclusively. Each resident will be given a 4 digit code for his floor, thus preventing other floors resident from allowing stranger access to floors that does not belong to them.

Does it mean that  this system can be implemented within a short time frame resulting in an immediate cost saving on the cabling?

Yes, this system can be implemented in a very short time as there are no cabling needed from the residence unit to the lift motor room. There are also no button in the Resident's  units as well. This not only save time, cabling but also manpower to install the conventional system. This actually translate to tens of thousand or even hundredth of thousand dollars saving for the building.

Some other advantages are.

This system can be installed on existing building or even building undergoing upgrading where laying of cables are virtually impossible. It is maintenance free as the only equipment to maintain are the Telephony system as well as the tele-elevator-control system which are extremely reliable and robust.     

Who can install this system?

Currently we are the only company capable of installing the above system, as we are the Designer and Manufacturer of this product. Our Elevator Security Division has a team of highly experienced and qualified Engineers who are trained in the installation and maintenance of lift/elevator security control and monitoring systems. We also work with elevators' company to ensure the system are safely installed in the lift. We have supplied and installed  many elevator  systems controller in Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Australia.

The elevator tele-controller system is virtually maintenance free . We carry the complete range of spare parts necessary to maintain the system throughout the lift's lifespan.

Note: Installation of the elevator tele-controller system requires special tools and procedures as such, unauthorized installation by anyone other than Securitex or Securitex's appointed integrators and contractor is considered illegal in every way.. Please email and we will contact you with a quotation with no obligation on your part.

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Design and customization are done at the factory, this is to minimized the time in Installation of the tele-elevator system at site.  Furthermore all  system installation will be fully documented for future reference and troubleshooting

Enterphone system install next to the lift on the first level. Ready to be interface to the tele-elevator controller.

Telephony system cabling are checked and tested before system tie-in to the elevator to ensure safe operation.

Pin, card and biometric  reader system works independently from the tele-elevator system

Our system installation meet the most stringent requirement set by our company. Look how neat the installation of the controller at the lift motor room.

System engineer carryout computerised programming and downloading of the setting to the reader and tele-elevator controller.  

Resident used their home telephone to control the elevator to their floor

Testing and handover of lift.

Don't take elevator security for granted as it may well safe life.