SECURITEX PELCO PT1260EX (120vac) & (230vAC)

(The PT1260EX is a discontinued system)




What is PELCO PT1260EX

Pelco PT1260EX Explosion Proof Pan/Tilt (120VAC)



Pelco PT1260EX is a Explosion Proof Pan/tilt motorized unit that come in 120Vac and 230Vac version. This Pan/tilt works with all Pelco explosion proof camera / housing system. When using the Pelco explosion proof camera / housing system  the P/T unit you use, should also have the same degree of resilience, durability and heavy duty. The Pelco PT1260EX is a motorized pan & tilt unit, constructed of a material tough enough to withstand an explosion. What this means, is that after all the smoke and dust settles, the P/T unit will still be there, quietly doing its business.

Explosion Proof Motorized Pan & Tilt Unit
An explosion proof P/T unit is an ideal tool for monitoring prisons, military facilities, chemical factories, marine applications and similar installations of a volatile, hazardous or harsh nature.
Weatherproof Unit
This level of resilience also presents a formidable barrier to the weather, allowing it to be safely used in virtually any weather or temperature condition.

Remote positioning of 1/3 or camera and zoom lens in a large size enclosure with the additional benefit of optional programmable presets on the pan/tilt position.

PT1260EX Explosion proof

The PT1260EX pan/tilt has been engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of explosion proof and dust-ignition-proof electrical equipment installed in Class I (Group C and D) and Class II, (Group E, F, and G) hazardous locations.

Features :

Meet NEMA Type 4X Standards

120 or 230 VAC Operation

Rugged Construction

For Use in a Variety of Harsh and/or Hazardous Environments

Optional Preset Positioning Capability

Limit Stops Internally Adjustable

Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Maximum Load 100 Pounds (45.4 kg)



Oil Rigs. Floating Plate Form. Oil Refinery. Oil Tanker. Power Plant. Oil Storage Facilities. Nuclear facilities. High Security Prisons. Sea Port. Aviation facilities etc.

Catalogue (To know more detail about the PT1260EX download the attach catalogue)

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering (Recommending PELCO)

Most of Securitex CCTV surveillance system project in Oil & Gas facilities we always recommend Pelco System for most of our Oil & Gas and demanding industries customers. We conceptualized, designed, supply, installed, trained and maintained the Pelco CCTV system for our customer after the project completed. Securitex also keep critical Pelco equipment and parts for our client use, this is to ensure minimum down time when the plant & refinery CCTV equipment need to be down for maintenance or repair. Securitex also carryout troubleshooting of the Pelco System when there is fault on the system, we even cover places like marine vessel when call upon.

Manual and Document

Most of the Pelco System equipment are documented and can be downloaded from Pelco website. However if you are not sure of the model of the Pelco system use, just email the image of your equipment, we will then extract this document and email back to you.

No reasonable request will be turn down.

Securitex always stress to provide a 1 stop shop for all customer who visited us and we want to ensure that all reasonable request by our customer will not be rejected, we will assist our customer on their request.

To get a designed and quotation for the Pelco CCTV system, please feel free to contact us at (please indicate Pelco CCTV project) our project division will get in touch with you and will assist you to conceptualized the project. (note: as we all know that conceptualized a project like this scale is very time consuming and must be very detail and accurate such we charge a consultancy fee for such request and the amount charge is on a project basis. 

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