Securitex Remote Control Lighting Systems on Existing Lighting





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Securitex Remote Control Lighting System on Existing Lighting

What is a Securitex Remote Control Lighting Systems on Existing Lighting?

Securitex Remote Control Lighting Systems on Existing Lighting simply mean we supply and install remote control devices to convert existing home and office lighting with remote control feature built in. With this system incorporated in your lighting system, user no longer need to walk to the wall switch to ON/OFF the lightning. They simply use the remote control to ON/OFF the lights.

With the Remote Control Lighting Systems on Existing Lighting can we still rely on the wall switch to on off the light.

Yes our system allows user to ON/OFF the light using either the remote control to ON and wall switch to OFF. or Wall switch to ON and remote control to OFF. Or wall switch to ON and OFF. Which ever way you light the system can instantly carryout the work without any additional programming or meddling with the existing lighting circuit once the Remote Control Systems are installed.

Will there be rewiring and messy cabling be done during the conversion and upgrading of the system to remote control?

No there will not be any re-cabling or messy work carryout.

How can user request for such a system and how does Securitex carryout this conversion?

Step 1: User will first has to decide which light in the house, room or office requires the remote control feature.

Step 2: Contact Securitex Electronic Systems for a site assessment.

Step 3: Securitex will base on the user request and go through the existing lighting circuit and see if the request is possible.

Step 4. Once Securitex has established that the user request is possible, a date will be schedule for the lighting circuit to be upgraded with the remote control capability.

Will there be training on the use of the new remote control lighting system?

Yes after the lighting has been upgraded with the new remote control system we will train the user on how to use this remote.

Can Securitex Remote control be expanded into turn ON/OFF car pouch and even garden lighting?

Yes absolutely, our Remote Control System can turn ON/OFF for 1 lighting or 1 cluster of lighting to as much as 16 sets or cluster of lighting and even  equipment on 1 Multi-Channel Handheld Transmitter.

If you would like to order or for any inquiries, just send us an email with your order information and system request.



Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering can designed and built all kind of wireless system for any kind of industries. For lighting remote control we can design and built on new premises and existing premises. We are also able to design and custom made system that uses 3rd party Smart phone Apps install in their smart phones to communicate with this remote lightings and also equipment controls.

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