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SECURITEX SIDE GATE AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT (Extremely Heavy Duty and High Quality) This equipment are designed and manufactured for outdoor application and is also maintenance free. Equipment are from Italy. UK. USA and Germany.          

Side gate Access Control and Automation


A lot of home owner may have encounter a situation that they have a side gate beside a normal drive in automatic gate and wonder can it be automated.

The answer is yes.

Side gate designed and construction

Side gate can come in many design and this gate is usually about 1.0 - 1.2meters in width and 1.8meters in height. Its usually come in either timber, wrought iron, mild steel or can be mixture of timber and mild steel. These gate is usually standalone and is hinged to the gate pillars using the greased seal bearing. lock set for this kind of side gate is usually normal mortise lock with key.

How to Automate this side gate

To automate this gate, client can use either Pin, Card & Pin or even remote control system. 3G gate controller. The gate is usually fitted with an Outdoor Electromagnetic Lock or can also be fitted with a VIRO electrical lock. For automatic closure of the side gate, door closure like DORMA floor spring can be installed or small gate motor can be install on the side gate to aid in Auto-close or Remote Close.

We have a side gate can we connect to our house intercom.

Yes you can. Call Securitex for advice.

We have a side gate can we use our home phone to control the side gate.

Yes you can. Call Securitex for advice.

We have a side gate can we use our mobile phone to control the side gate.

Yes you can, just need to install the GSM3-I-Gate System.

We have a side gate and we will like to connect the system to our WIFI to activate can this be done.

Yes this is possible, call Securitex for advice.

What is Securitex GSM3-I-Gate system and how can this be use on our side gate or motorised main gate. for the answer

Can side gate be Motorised.

Some up market residence side gate can also be fitted with a motorised unit to allow the owner to open and close the gate from a special intercom for visitor or when the owner use their PIN or card to scan on the reader or even 3G gate controller to operate the gate from their mobile phone, the gate can then set to automatically open and close.

Can side gate installed on a moving automatic sliding and swing gate be automate and integrated to some form of access control system.

Yes this side gate can be integrated to some form of access control system but special consideration will need to be look at especially the safety aspect when the side gate is in operation the main gate has to be disabled to prevent accident etc.

We already have a motorised swing gate, can we modified it to allow 1 side to be use as a walk in motorised gate and use card access to control this side.

Yes you can engage Securitex to study the option available for your request and yes in most case this can be done.


We notice that our automated sliding gate that slide outside of our perimeter wall is also sliding across our side gate and we are concern that this sliding gate will pose a danger when some one is using the side gate and the sliding gate is also in operation is there a way that Securitex can advise on this area.

Yes there are some option that Securitex can advise the home owner on how to prevent a automate sliding gate to be operated safely with a side gate, however we will need to assess the site to advise. The most common way is to have some form of logic sensor install on both gate thus that when side gate is operation the sliding gate cannot operate and vice versa.

Safety consideration when installing motorised side gate

When installing motorised automated side gate, home owner must ensure safety sensors are installed, especially the motorised type, this is to ensure that the gate will not close on pedestrian and pets.

What equipment is needed on a side gate

Most terrace, Intermediate terrace, Semi-D, detach-house and bungalow that want to install side gate access control system will usually need the following item.

a. Side Gate:- Either timber, wrought iron, mild steel or can be mixture of timber and mild steel

b. Outdoor Access Control (Pin Reader or Card and Pin Reader in some case can be remote control or even use the 3G gate controller and use mobile phone to activate the side gate):- This reader usually c/w built-in controller and gate release module will be integrated to the electrical lock installed on the side gate. The reader usually outdoor type c/w keypad or can be keypad with built-in reader or some time it can also be only reader. For more sophisticated system remote control can be incorporated into the side gate system.

c. Outdoor Power Supply :- IP65 enclosure are use to house the charging PCB, transformer and the rechargeable battery including the termination for the access control and the remote receiver.

d. Outdoor gate release button :- For exit application most side gate c/w an outdoor gate release button install a distant away from the public reach from outside the gate. This button is use for exit purposed.

e. Audio or Audio & Video intercom :- This intercom come in 2 portions, a gate station install just outside the side gate and indoor set can be audio or c/w video screen, the indoor set can come in 1 - 3 sets. This intercom is usually integrated to the side gate access control system, to allows the owner to activate the side gate for the visitor.

f.  Power mains :- 230VAC 13amp power main c/w isolator must be installed near the power supply.

How and who to consult for to get one of the above gate

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering (Automatic Gate Division) has over the pass 20 years designed, manufactured and installed such gate for homes, apartments, public facilities, industrial and commercial premises etc. We can assist you to designed and implement such gate system.

Estimated cost of such side gate c/w automation

Depend on the side gate design, material and the system, the side gate itself can cost from S$ 900.00 to S$ 2000.00 and the side gate access control system automation from S$1200.00 - S$ 3000.00 (Cost are estimated subject to the type of equipment use. This cost come with installation test and commission. Warranty by Securitex is 12 months from date of commissioning.

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