The following system will no longer be for sale in Singapore due to the discontinued of the 2G network in Singapore

The above equipment is registered under Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations Registration Number S1644-11


The Securitex GSM SMS Door monitoring system was designed to monitor Critical / specific doors that are required to close at all time. This system incorporate a door control time module that is fully programmable to allows certain door to be allowed to open for a preset time before the system sent a signal to the GSM-SMS controller to send a preset SMS to a monitoring station or authorized key holder mobile phone.

Systems Consist of but not limited to:

There are a total of 5 Door Control timers Module to monitor all the door sensor status.

The Securitex GSM-SMS module will be preset with the mobile phone number of authorized key holder and the GSM-SMS controller together with the Door Control Time Module (DCTM) is powered from a built in UPS. The UPS provide back-up supply for the whole Door Monitoring Controller (DMC) against power outage. The GSM-SMS controller has also its extra built-in back-up supply to double ensure that the system will continue to operate even without main supply. The back-up power supply system can power the whole system for up to 8 hrs.


Monitoring of plant sub-station doors in refinery, power plant, oil and gas facilities, ammo dump, weapon storage facilities, bio-medical hazarded storage Room, aviation hanger doors, marine vessel bridge door. marine vessel boiler room and many critical control room doors.

Easy to install

As the system is designed for ease of installation in the field, we have incorporated all the modules to form the complete system in an IP65 DSE Hi Box. The modules are all mounted on the ABS mounting plate so that in the event the unit needs to be brought down for maintenance, the site engineer only need to unscrew 4 screws and the whole Controller can be remove from the Hi Box. The system even c/w a 3 pin external socket to be plug to the 230VAC13amp main.

The above image is illustration only actual design will differs from the image shown.

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