Securitex GSM Intercom and Access Control

SWT-9002IG-IP65 GSM Intercom and Access Control System

1. GSM Intercom

SWT-9002IG-IP65 is a GSM controller that works on 2 wire intercom which can be installed outside the premises next to the gate as an intercom. When the call button is pressed, the WT-9002 IP65 will dial out the phone number pre-set and inform the Security Officer about the visitor at the gate. The Officer can answer the call and speak to the visitor and open the gate with one of the buttons on his phone if he wishes to let the guest in.

2. Open the gate with your mobile phone (dial2open)

The SWT-9002IG- IP65 can be programmed to open the gate with a "Password". You can use your cellular phone or landline telephone to key in 4-digits pin-code number. WT-9002 IP65 will operate the gate to open if the right pin code is keyed in. The caller can make three attempts before the system hangs-up the call.

3. Remote programming using your mobile phone

The SWT-9002IG-IP65 can be programmed with a "Master" phone number which will enable access to the unit from anywhere and allow him to maintain the system. The "master number" can phone the SWT-9002IG-IP65and delete or add any user from the system without the need of accessing the unit on site, making it - Service Free.

4. Programmable functions

The unit has a 12VDC relay with voltage-free outputs that can be used to operate any gate, garage door, alarm and other appliances. One out of two functions (Pulse or Latch) can be chosen to activate the internal relay when the system receives an authorized call.

5. Able to program up to 1000 users

The SWT-9002IG-IP65 can be programmed with up to 1000 phone numbers to include as the users (any basic telephone line or cellular phone numbers). When one of these phone numbers call to SWT-9002IG-IP65 unit, the system will recognize the phone number and open the gate if it is an authorized number. The unit allows the end user to add and delete users from the system individually.

6. Security Lock Status

The end user can dial the SWT-9002IG-IP65unit and check if the gate is open or close. WT-9002 IP65 allow the user to close or open the gate from his phone or lock the system to be used by any of the authorized users.

7. System Self-Checking Fault Detection and send SMS text message to inform owner.
The system come with self-diagnostic feature that can detect fault in the system which then automatically sent SMS text to the administrator so that he can take counter measure.

 8. Backup Battery to prevent power failure

The back up battery allows the system to continue to function even when there is a power outage to the system.

9. Simple to install and water resistant

The SWT-9002IG-IP65 was designed to be able to install with minimum problem at site. All the connectors are clearly labeled and the enclosure that house the electronic PCB are IP65 rated.

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