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Solving 3 party issue remote control in your condominium estate


How Safe & Secured is your remote control: (Condominium)


Dear Condominium management.

Ever wonder why the Carpark lot in the estate is never enough even when each house hold is issued with 1 remote control, to be use on the estate car park automatic gate and barrier. Ever wonder why some resident and tenant despite having 1 remote control can still park a few cars, the answer is in the remote control system management.


Generic Remote Control

Most Generic remote control uses dipswitches inside the remote control to set the ID-Code. This means that when a resident after entitle to 1 remote control decide to have another one he or she will go to the management, if the management reject them, they will go to the internet and get from 3rd party supplier who will reprogrammed a new transmitter for them.


Securitex Intelligent Remote Control (I-Key)

Securitex been in the security access control business for a long time and is aware of this security breach issue as such we now use the intelligent remote control (I-Key) to solve this problem. The new remote control is individually control just like the access cardkey use in the estate. Every remote control has it own unique ID code and the remote control can only be programmed and set by the specified supplier together with the management. Because of its unique code and serial number it can be trace to the supply company that supply this remote control and right down the Authorized user.


No More 3rd Party Remote Control in the Estate

This effectively means that if a resident and tenant who want to bypass the estate management and get an extra remote control from 3rd party vendor this is not possible, because even if he / she can locate the same remote control from the 3rd party source, this remote control will not work on his / her estate