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How Safe & Secured is your remote control: (House Owner)


Dear house owner,

After installing an automatic gate in your house and thinking that you are safe, think again you are not. The reason is because:


Working principle of generic remote control

Most remote control uses dipswitch inside the remote control to set the ID-Code. This means that when the owner after receive his remote control from the gate contractor anyone who has the same brand and model number of the remote control and knowing the dipswitches setting can reprogrammed a remote control and enter the house later using the copy remote control.


Discover Gate open by itself

Some house owner may some time discover that their Autogate suddenly open by itself, this is some time also due to their neighbors having the same remote control with same ID-code and frequencies.


Securitex Intelligent Remote Control (I-Key) 

Securitex been in the security access control business for a long time is aware of this security breach issue and we now use the intelligent remote control (I-Key) to solve this problem. The new remote control is individually control just like the access cardkey use in most office and building. Every remote control has its own unique ID code and the remote control can only be programmed and set by the I-Key supplier. Because of the unique code and serial number the transmitter can be trace to the company that supply this remote control and right down the Authorised user. This effectively means that if a house owner misplaced his remote control, he can request the I-key security contractor to delete the loss remote control and reprogrammed a new one into the system. As for the house owner that rent their house, the tenant cannot get another spare remote control from 3rd party remote control supplier without informing his/ her landlord. Even if he / she can locate the same remote control from the 3rd party source, this remote control will not work on his / her gate as the “Site Code” is not the same. Assume he can get pass the site code issue, he will still need the landlord appointed security specialist to programmed these new remote control into the gate system before he can use. In this way the issue of 3rd party remote control is solve.


Exclusive Contract

The house owner can sign an exclusive contract with the I-Key vendor so that they are not allowed to supply the I-Key remote control directly to the tenant without the owner consent. The vendor will need to check the location where this resident stay and refer them back to the landlord if it is a tenant.


With the above I-Key remote control implemented in the house the use of the 3rd party remote control issue will be resolve.


Download I-Key brochure for internal circulation: I-key for House



I-Key Remote control System


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