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Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Mobile DVR 1Ch is designed specifically for the mobile environment. This new generation Mobile DVR give you the compact size, better 
quality, adjustable recording rate, manual trigger and many more user friendly feature. Its specially used in vehicle.


Mobile Digital Video Recorder




■Anti-Vibration, Anti-Shock Design
■Portable Design (Outer Housing support)
■RTOS (Real Time Operating System) base
■Front Panel Design
■M-JPEG Compression, .Avi file format support
■LED Indicator for status monitoring
■Compact Flash Card for Manual & Collision Trigger Recording
■USB port for File Backup
■Friendly User Interface (Front-Panel Control)
■Plug and Play, system reboots automatically
■Synchronized Audio Recording
Specification highlight
1.Resolution: 			720x240 (1~10fps) / 360x240 (1~15fps)
2.Codec: 				Motion-JPEG, 20KB/ per frame (720x240)
3.Recording Mode: 			Motion/ Continuous, 1x Audio Recording
4.Storage: 			Internal 2.5”HDD x1, Compact Flash Card x1 for Trigger storage
5.Trigger Mode Recording: 		Alarm input or Manual Trigger key
6.USB interface: 			Access picture data stored in 2.5” HDD
7.Storage: 			20GB/ 1fps/ 1ch/ 720x240 --> 12 days
8.Outer Housing: 			With Remote Controller
Video Input                                           	1 channel
Audio Input                                           	1 channel
Video Output                                        	1 channel
Audio Output                                        	1 channel
RS232 Baud Rate                     	1200/2400/4800/9600
Display Rate                                        	Real Time
Alarm Input                                           	Yes
Video Loss Detection                    	Yes
Compression                                       	M-JPEG
Recording Rate                             	360x240(15 fps)
                                   	 	720x240(10 fps)
Recording Duration                  	20GB HDD/ 5 fps/ 360x240 --> 4.8days
Audio Recording                            	Yes
OSD Manual                                        	Yes
Storage                                                	2.5” HDD (Notebook size)
Motion Detection                    		Yes 
USB Interface                                       	Mass Backup
Playback Source                     	From HDD, Compact Flash Card (Selectable)
Date/ Time search                               	Yes
Fast Forward                                       	x1, x2, x4
Fast Reverse                                       	x1, x2, x4
Freeze                                                  	Yes
RS-232                                                 	Remote Controller
Trigger Function                            	Manual/ Input Trigger support
                                    		(Image will be saved into CFC)
Weight                    			N.W      : 2.4  KGS
                                    		G.W      : 2.86 KGS
Dimension          			Machine  : 67   x 174 x 226 (mm)
                                    		Inner Box: 290 x 270 x 120 (mm)
				DC 11~32V Power Input
				DC 9.6V Power Out for camera
Power Consumption 		24W(12V, 2A)
Outer Housing Design          
Recording Duration:
HDD   	Channel	Fps         Resolution     	Recording hours    Recording day

20GB      1             	10           720x240(20KB)     	29.1 hours            	1.2
20GB      1             	5             720x240(20KB)     	58.2 hours               2.425
20GB      1             	1             720x240(20KB)     	291 hours                12.1
20GB      1             	15           360x240(10KB)     	38.8 hours           	1.6
20GB      1             	5             360x240(10KB)     	116.5 hours           	4.85
20GB      1             	1             360x240(10KB)     	388 hours                16.1

2.Intelligent Recording 
3.Mechanical Consideration
4.Smart File Backup 
5.Easily Control
6.Audio Recording

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