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Medium Duty Road Blocker


RB120 Road Blocker are in operation at China container port and also many parts of China sensitive installation.


The Securitex RB120 Road blocker / Vehicle Stopper is designed to prevent vehicle drive through into critical controlled facilities. The system is make of extremely heavy steel structured and is highly suitable to be used in the most extreme environmental condition. The lifting and lowering of the stopper is by hydraulic system. To ensure long term reliability and virtually minimum operation down time, the system has been tested and manufactured in accordance with the ISO9000 standard.

This system is very suitable to be used in road leading to Airport. Military base. Oil and Gas facilities, Custom and immigration checkpoint etc….



The above road blocker is designed for general purpose usage in low to medium security facilities to stop and cause damage to any violator vehicle as such. Implementers of this system have to ensure safety to non-violator vehicles are taken into consideration. Regular maintenance and periodic test are to be carryout to ensure the system works when it has to. The RB120 can be use with the RB121.  


Technical Parameters



Lift height

Opening time

Closing time

Passing capacity

External size of the main machine frame (L*W*H) mm

External sizes of the pump station (L*W*H) mm

Securitex RB120





Small & medium lorries




Model: SECURITEX RB120 (Medium duty)

Dimension: 2230mm X 880mm X 600mm

Lifting time: 2 Seconds

Lowering time: 4 Seconds

Maximum blockage width: 2000mm

Maximum blockage height: 280mm

Working temperature: -25 to +65 degrees

Maximum weight: 500 kilograms  


Download the above specification here.

Download heavy duty killer road blocker here

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