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System Description 

The Securitex Killer Spike Road Stopper is designed to stop a 40 tons truck traveling at high speed stop dead at its track when it crash on to the blocker. The system is design with spike-less model and with spike. The heavy duty design road blocker with spike (Securitex RB121S) is to cause maximum damage to violation vehicle and even to kill the driver. The spike is design to pierce through metal of the on-coming truck and even to break up concrete. The system is make of extremely heavy steel structured and is highly suitable to be used in the most extreme environmental condition. The lifting and lowering of the wedge is by hydraulic system. To ensure long term reliability and virtually minimum operation down time, the system has been tested and manufactured in accordance with the ISO9000 standard.

Our road blocker is actually a wedge like raise platform that pop up from the road surface, This blocker are design to stop vehicle entry into sensitive building and installation like Military bases, Airport facilities, Custom and immigration checkpoint,  Oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities, Power and Nuclear plant etc. Since September 11 terrorist attack in New York, there is a need for this kind of system to protect key installation. We at Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering are ever ready to provide this kind of system to specialize user. The overseas manufacturing facilities are able to design and manufacture the system to your need and ship directly to your country.

Available in lengths of 2 and 3 meters special dimension can be manufacture to your requirement.

Raised wedge deck heights of 950 and 1050 mm.


The road blocker are basically install embedded in the road by building concreted trench and pit. The pre-manufactured road blocker machine are then lowered to this pit by crane. The machine are subsequently secured to the concreted pit by means of extremely solid support. The steel structure is then treated and primed with a final topcoat of water and weather resistant paint.

System operation 

Our Road blockers are designed to accept signals from push-button, remote control, traffic light and even card access reader. The lifting and lowering of the platform is by means of hydraulic system. The  the speed is between 2 to 4 seconds upon activation


The above road blocker is designed to stop and cause maximum damage to any violator vehicle as such. Implementers of this system have to ensure safety to non-violator vehicles are taken into consideration. Regular maintenance and periodic test are to be carryout to ensure the system works when it has to.  


Technical Parameters



Lift height

Opening time

Closing time

Passing capacity

External size of the main machine frame (L*W*H) mm

External sizes of the pump station (L*W*H) mm

Securitex RB120





Small & medium lorries









40 T container lorries







 Dimension: 3130mm X 1160mm X 600mm

 Lifting time: 2 Seconds

 Lowering time: 4 Seconds

 Maximum blockage width: 2500mm

 Maximum blockage height: 480mm

 Working temperature: -25 to +65 degrees

 Maximum vehicle stoppage: 40 ton truck travel at high speed

 Maximum weight: 500 kilograms  




 Dimension: 2230mm X 880mm X 600mm

 Lifting time: 2 Seconds

 Lowering time: 4 Seconds

 Maximum blockage width: 2000mm

 Maximum blockage height: 280mm

 Working temperature: -25 to +65 degrees

 Maximum vehicle stoppage: 40 ton truck travel at medium to low speed

 Maximum weight: 500 kilograms  



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