SECURITEX Plant. Refinery. Construction site. Main and side gate access

automation & controls using 3G mobile phone technology.

3G Gate opening with Mobile Phone (Available)





SECURITEX GATE AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT (GSM3-I-Gate) uses Extremely Heavy Duty and High Quality automatic gate motors and controls to operate the gate. We also designed and integrated the 3G network control to the gate to allow users up to 1000 to operate this gate using their mobile phone by calling the gate to open. Best of all there are no charge to the user 3G SIM CARD on the smart phone and the gate SIM CARD. This equipment are designed and manufactured for outdoor application and is also maintenance free. Equipment are from Italy. UK. USA and Germany and some are designed and fabricated in Securitex Factory.          


INDUSTRIAL SECURITEX 3G UNIVERSAL CONTROL SYSTEM. Operate all your devices from your smart phone. ANDROID or IOS

The Securitex GSM3-I-Gate Control system is fully wireless between the 3G controller to any gate and barrier control operation. This ensure that the 3G controller can be place in the administration office to input the phone number via a special software and also to ensure the SIM card are kept in secured environment. The system also will interact by SMS with the user when user call in to control the end system be it Gate. Barrier. Door. Garage Door. Industrial PUMP and motors. Lighting etc.

Controlling of industrial gate can be a problem at time now you have SECURITEX GSM3-I-GATE

GSM3-I-Gate (work on 3G network)

Open Gate using the mobile phone for industrial, oil and gas refinery or construction site.

The GSM3-I-Gate was designed to allow driver to use the mobile phone to operate the automated gate. up to 1000 registered users can call in to the GSM3-I-Gate to operate it with their mobile phone or regular phone with no cost of a call to the user Absolutely Free of Charge!

How to operate is simple. Just call the gate GSM3-I-Gate SIM card number. The system will authenticate the caller mobile number, if the number match the user data. a signal will be send to the gate controller to operate the gate. if the number is not in the data base the gate will not open.

Do the owner of the GSM3-I-Gate need IMDA license to operate?

No extra IMDA license is needed if the unit is Purchase from Securitex as we have already gotten the license and approval for the system to be use in Singapore.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate be monitored?

Yes it can be monitored by the building owner as each time the gate open the owner can set it to send an SMS to the owner.

Is there an internal log to know which number activate the GSM3-I-Gate?

Yes there is an internal historical logging that keeps the caller mobile phone number, date and time.

Can I use a land line PSTN phone to operate the GSM3-I-Gate?

Yes 100% you can and you can call in from anywhere even overseas to operate the GSM3-I-Gate for your guest and visitor if you are not in.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate integrated to 3rd party remote control and gate or door access control system? 

Yes 100% can and with this integration it make the GSM3-I-Gate even more powerful.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate integrated to an RFID card / Pin access system to operate the swing / sliding gate and door.?

Yes 100% can and with this integration it make the GSM3-I-Gate even more powerful. When the system is integrated to a gate and set to automatic close, this gate will open for the preset time and will close automatically this will improved the security of the premises even more.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate integrated to our building Security alarm and roller shutter doors?

Yes this can be done. 

Can the GSM3-I-Gate be use on office doors?

Yes absolutely can and it can be easily integrated to the door access control system.

Can the owner access the GSM3-I-Gate function remotely from his or her mobile phone?

Yes all the function and status can be control and retrieve using the owner mobile phone anytime and anywhere as long as there is 3G network.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate be control using SMS. Call in or Apps?

Yes absolutely the GSM3-I-Gate can be control using the 3 methods mention.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate be set such that certain user can only operate the gate at certain time?

Yes this feature is part of the GSM3-I-Gate function.

Can owner programmed and set the GSM3-I-Gate using a PC?

Yes the GSM3-I-Gate can be set and preprogrammed using a software supplied with the system.

Can GSM3-I-Gate install near PC for system programming at the same time user can activate the system to open the gate?

Yes. User can install the GSM3-I-Gate beside the PC to input the authorized user telephone number. Once this is done the user can call the system at say admin office at level 2 and the gate is at level 1 to activate the gate up to 30m away line of sight.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate inform the owner when the system is AC failure?

Yes the system can sent an AC failure SMS to the authorized user when the AC power to the system is down.

Can the GSM3-I-Gate still function without the 230VAC power?

Yes the system can still activate as there are back up power supply to power the system for at least 7 hrs.

Can we use the GSM3-I-Gate to control lights?

Yes 100% you can.

Can we use GSM3-I-Gate to turn off our house alarm siren?

Yes you can.

Can we use GSM3-I-Gate to lock down our high security area system in the even of emergency?

Yes you can integrate the system to the high security area security system.

We have a vacation house overseas and we want to control the Air-condition & power supply, can GSM3-I-Gate be use?

Yes 100% you can use the GSM3-I-Gate to control and feed back the status to you.

There are a lot of other function in the GSM3-I-Gate that can be use for other application. Feel free to contact 67852171 to discuss.

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering (Automatic Gate Division) has over the pass 20 years designed, manufactured and installed such gate for homes, apartments, public facilities, industrial and commercial premises etc. We can assist you to designed and implement such gate system.

Estimated cost of such side gate c/w automation

Depend on the design and control application and without the gate. the cost range from S$1500.00 - S$ 3000.00 (Cost are estimated subject to the type of equipment use. This cost come with installation test and commission. Warranty by Securitex is 12 months from date of commissioning).

Excluded: The above system are exclude of the SIM card.

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