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Securitex DAE-105


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The Securitex DAE-105 is a single point emergency door alarm system that is developed to replace the Emergency-Push-Bar (EPB) when installation of the EPB is not possible and will affect the aesthetic of the door or the door need to be allowed open from outside during emergency. The system c/w a 105 decibel electronic siren system and strobe light. The system is house in a solid metal housing with lock and key. The built-in power supply maintained a constant charging to the rechargeable battery. Arming & disarming of the system will require a key. Alarm triggering will be instantaneous the moment the armed door is open. The moment the armed door is open and the alarm activated even closing back of the alarmed door will not stop the siren until the door is disarmed using a manual key.


During the power outage the system can continue to operate for more than 30 days if the alarm is not trigger and about 10 days if the alarm is continuously activated.



Model                            : Securitex DAE-105

Power                           : 12VDC power supply c/w charging circuit, transformer and lead sealed 12VDC 7.0Ah rechargeable battery

Sounder                        : Securitex Electronic Siren and strobe light 105db 12VDC operation

Arm and disarm             : Key switch

Enclosure dimension       : Metal Box 230mm X 230mm X 90mm c/w Cam-lock

Door sensor                   : Magnetic contact can be either NC or NO.

Control board                 : Single Zone PCB with arm and disarm terminal

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