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Ex-proof EM-Lock, Explosion Proof -Electromagnetic Lock, Exproof-Door Holder

EXM-650 N    EXM-1300 N   EXM-2000 N

Electromagnetic Door Holder magnets for Exproof zones / areas ATEX 94/9/EC I ZONE 1,2,21 and 22

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering (Industrial Division) carry and handle Schischek Explosion proof Electromagnetic Lock (Door Holder) for doors and gates in building within the hazardous and ex-proof zone. This magnetic door holder are manufactured by Schischek GmbH Explosionsschutz. This Electromagnetic lock comes in 3 holding force  650 N, 1300 N & 2000 N. thus is very suitable for use in different types of doors be it metal, wooden, iron gate, marine hatches, aviation hangers doors and even military ammunition and arms storage facilities etc. The application of this Ex-EM-Lock can be applied in Marine, Aviation and Oil & Gas environment, to use as door holder for fire doors, Access Control Doors to sub-station and even safety cages and machine enclosure that falls within the explosion proof environment. 

ExMag Doorholder magnetsElectric Door Holder Magnets: Holding Force of 650 N, 1300 N and 2000 N

Delivery ExMag

  • Ex-m Door holder magnet with Force of 650N, 1.300 N or 2000 N, dependent by Type
  • Accessories ExMag

    • Anchor
    • Ex-e terminal box (connecting box) IP66
    • Ex-e terminal box (connecting box) IP66 with integrated fuse
    • Ex-d push button
    • Input 120230 Vac, output 24 Vdc, max. 0,5 A, max. 4 pcs.
    • EXL-IRU-1 connectable


 Explosion Proof Electromagnetic Lock / Door Holder Technical Specification
 Electric supply   24VDC
 Force  650 N, 1.300 N, 2.000 N
 Housing protection  IP 65
 Ambient temperature +55C
 Power supply  Cable ca. 1 m
 Weight  ca. 650 g (EXM-650)    &  ca. 1950 g (EXM-1300, EXM-2000)
 Measurements*  H W D = 151 66 50 mm (EXM-650) & 176 86 62 mm (EXM-1300, EXM-2000)
 Explosion proof for all  gases, mists, vapors, dust zone
 Installation area  Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
 Certification for gases  II2G Ex mb II T6
 Certification for dust  II2D Ex tD 21IP65 T80C
 * dependent by type

 Ex Mag document download:   To the technical data sheets

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