Securitex GSM Gate opener / Activation Control System




What is Securitex GSM gate opener?


Securitex GSM Gate opener (Model: GSM-1C-WT-009) is a GSM controller that was designed and manufactured for user who do not want to carry remote control to activate their automatic gate or door. This system can be installed to open the gate to single house all the way to apartments entrance gate and barrier etc some version can even be integrated to call elevator etc. Its so simple to activate the gate and barrier now without the conventional remote control. To open gate just simply use your Mobile Phone or any land line phone and call to the GSM Controller, the controller will then check your dial-in number with the internal database, if the number is authorized to enter, the controller will activate the internal relay and thus trigger the gate and barrier.

How is this device use?

The GSM-1C-WT-009 when interface to device / equipment that need to turn ON/OFF from remote location. The user telephone number will be preprogrammed into the GSM-1C-WT-009. To turn ON/OFF the equipment remotely, user only need to dial-in-to the GSM-1C-WT-009. Its that simple.

No charge on SIM card.

No charge on SIM card means that when the GSM controller receive your dial-in. It will authenticate and then immediately hang up. Thus there is no incoming call charge.

Number of  Telephone numbers can be stored in this GSM Controller.

Currently the GSM gate controller can store up to 64 number. (More number can be added upon request)

Power and Network LED indicator.

To allow user to know the status of the system, the GSM gate controller come with a Power LED-(RED) and Network LED-(Green)

Power requirement for the GSM controller come with ON/OFF switch.

To simplified the system installation. We have design the system in such a way that the GSM controller has a 12/24VDC power port with connector and cable and the controller takes it 12 /24VDC from the gate controller which can be ON/OFF

Sim Card Port

To ensure that that SIM card are inserted securely and correctly we have a removable SIM Card Tray on the GSM controller port that also has a SIM Card Slot and SIM Card Tray ejector


GSM Antenna

To further ensure that the GSM Controller can receive all incoming call we have incorporated a High Quality GSM Antenna for the system.


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  • The SMS controller can be installed on almost all new or existing gate or garage door system.

  • The system are field tested not lab proven, thus reliability is completely guaranteed.

  • The system is very simple to programmed and use.

  • The device uses very secure caller id technology to ensure duplication is impossible the activation is from the phone number transmitter from your phone SIM.  card.

  • This system work virtually anywhere as long as there is GSM network

    Technical Information

    Quad Band  850/900/1800/1900Mhz
    Modem  SIMCOM SIM900B
    Output  1 relay 48Volts 5 Amp
    Input  1 input Alarm Facility Dry Contact Volt Free
    Power  12-24V DC/AC
    Polarity  Protected
    Current Consumption  80 Milliamp
    Approval  CE

    Other Usage of the Securitex GSM controller

    GSM Elevator Control. GSM Pump and Motor Start/Stop Control. GSM Koi Pond System Control. GSM Air-condition Control. GSM Discharge Damper Control. GSM Machinery Start/Stop Control. GSM Aviation Hanger Door Control. GSM Aviation Hanger Roller Shutter Control. GSM Dump waiter Control. GSM Robotic Control. GSM power supply Control. GSM offshore navigation light Control. GSM Stack discharge door Control. GSM UPS switch over Control. GSM Siren Control.  

    We also do offsite customization on the above GSM Control system for special application.

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