SECURITEX SREX1-REX-IR800 Series Infrared Sensor Exit Device

SECURITEX MOTION EXIT BUTTON (SMEB) uses the Infrared Proximity Technology (IPT) to sense the present of hand wave and it allows remote operation of the Request to Exit function up to 50-150 mm.  This SREX1 is compatible with all access control systems and can also be used in "stand-alone" applications without the access control system.

This product is are mostly use in medical facility and very sterile environment where opening the electronic door by pressing the physical push button is forbidden to avoid cross contamination due to many people touching the normal REX physical button or in environment where the user has their hands full.

The relay is triggered when the user wave their hand on the detection field, switching the contact output to provide the REX output to open the door.


         Available without over-ride switch. (For override function please indicated when order).

         Material: Stainless Steel

         Finish: Brushe

         LED indicators

         Operating voltage: 12 VDC

         Current requirements: 68 mA maximum.

         Sensor range: Up to 150mm

         Contacts: Normally Open - Common - Normally Closed

         Contact rating: 3A @ 125 VDC / 30 VDC

         Relay timer period: 0.5, 5, 10 or 20 seconds (selectable)-Optional

         Nominal Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm (Single Gang wall switch back box)

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