Securitex SENTEK Heat detector


Conventional Heat Detector
All of the Senteks HD912-2L series detectors meet the requirements of UL521 and EN 54-5 for use in fire alarm signaling systems, which provide fast and reliable response for heat 57C (135F) or Rate-of-Rise detection, They are intended for use in 2-wire / 4-wire Class A2 supervised zone circuits. The HD912 series detectors are subject to panel compatibility limits and compliance with corresponding NFPA 72E standards, local codes, and ordinances.

Product Features:
2 or 4 wire models
Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
Easy installation and maintenance
Sleek low-profile housing design
Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
N/C (normal/close)-N/O (normal/open) selectable relay output (Optional Not on HD912-2L)
AR (Auto Reset) function for security systems (optional for 4 wire models) Sensor base option: standard and Shottky Diode

SENTEK Conventional Heat Detector
Model: HD-912-2L
  • Combined ROR/FT Heat Detector.
  • Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms.
  • Flashing LED indicating of power status.
  • Available in 2 or 4 wires type.
  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC.
  • Standby Current: 45A.
  • Alarm Current: 50mA @24VDC
  • Thermal Setting: 57C
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to +50C
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, no condensation or icing.
  • UL Listed.

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