Securitex Industrial Wireless Transceiver

Securitex Industrial Wireless mobile surveillance kit for maintenance application.


Securitex Wireless mobile surveillance kit is designed to help plant manager better manage the maintenance site. Examples of use are: tank cleaning, localize shutdown maintenance of a small area like the pump station, tank farm, section of pipe line, removal of critical valves and solenoid, calibration of plant instrument, monitoring of site pressure gauges and tank level etc. As in most of this application it is short term maintenance and is not practical to run cable for this application thus the above mobile surveillance kit will be extremely useful.

The mobile surveillance kit consist of:

Monitor 1 unit 6.0" colour Toshiba TFT monitor c/w built-in 4 channel 2.4Ghz receiver with Dipole Omni directional Antenna, 12VDC rechargeable battery, Receiver ON/OFF, Monitor ON/OFF and audio/video input.     
CCD camera  2 units 1/3" CCD dome colour camera c/w 3.6mm lens and connecting cables. 
Power adapter 4 units 12VDC 1000mA power adapter 
Wireless transmitter 2 units  2.4G AV transmitter with 1 video input and 2 audio input c/w Dipole Omni directional Antenna c/w 4 channel selector switch and power In and Out
Wireless receiver 2 units  2.4G AV receiver transmitter with 1 video output and 2 audio output  c/w Dipole Omni directional Antenna 4 channel selector manual or sequential dwell time 4 second interval.
RCA cable 4 sets RCA with cable from Video (yellow) Audio L (white) and Audio R (red)
Power cable (loop)  2 sets low voltage 12VDC loop cable from transmitter 12VDC out to camera.
Flight case 1 set Industrial instrument flight case to house the Monitor, Adapters, Cables, Cameras Transmitters and receivers, and compartmented adjustable. Soft foam padding in laid. Also c/w lock and shoulder sling.  Colour (Black) with silver trimming. Dimension: 460mm X 330mm X 150mm. 

System Application (Others)

The mobile surveillance systems are specially designed for used in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical complexes. However this system can also be use in military camp, warehouses, schools, campus, semiconductor, electronic plants and area where cable laying is not practical etc.

Digital Video Recording:

For recording we are able to provide a Digital Video Recorder systems that can power from an 12VDC battery. All this transmitted image can than be captured and digitally stored for future reference  

Infocomm Development Authority Singapore

  The above system is Approved by IDA for use in Singapore DA number 102199

High power 2.4 Giga hertz receiver system

The above 4 channels 2.4Ghz Stereo Audio receiver (AVR-V2.1) is equipped with 1 unit Omni Directional Antenna. Dipswitches are used to control manual or automatic sequential switching. Line level stereo audio & composite video output are fully self-contained. The system even have a regulated built-in power supply.

Receiver Specifications:

ISM Band:  low interference potential devices (LIPD Band): 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz Audio 
Channels 4 channels
Video Switching  Single channel selection or Automatic Sequential Switching with ~ 4 second dwell.
TV System:  Suits ALL TV Systems in ALL Countries, operation is independent of TV System.
Frequency control                    Built-in Phase Locked Loops (P.L.L) circuit
Antenna:                                  Dipole Whip non-removable (omni directional when used vertically).
Demodulation Method:           FM.
Video Output:                          Standard 1 v p-p, 75 ohm Composite Video via RCA female socket.
Audio Output:                           Line Level Audio ~ 10 000 ohms impedance, via RCA female socket.
Power Supply Requirements:  ~ 14 VDC, ~ 300 mA, 2.1 x 5.5 mm socket.
Power Consumption:                ~ 3.6 Watts.
AC input 230VAC 50Hz
Noise Figure:                            3.0 db Max.
Sensitivity:  -92 dbm.
Dimension of housing (Exclude gland and antenna protrusion: 245mm  X 195mm X  95mm

High power 2.4 Giga hertz transmitter system

The above 4 Channels 2.4 GHz Stereo Audio Video transmitter (AVT-V2.1) is equipped with 1 unit Omni Directional Antenna, manual selection the transmitter is able to transmit a powerful Audio and Video signal up to 100 metres in ideal clear line-of-sight conditions. The transmitter system even has a 12VDC regulated built-in power supply.

Transmitter specifications:

ISM Band:                                 "Low Interference Potential Devices” (LIPD) Band: 2.4 ~ 2.483 GHz Audio/Video 
Channels  4 channels.
TV System:  Suits ALL TV Systems in ALL Countries, operation is independent of TV System
Antenna:                                   Dipole Whip non-removable (omni directional when used vertically).
Modulation Method:     FM.
Oscillator:                                P.L.L. (Phase Locked Loop).
Video Input & Output:               Standard 1 v p-p, 75 ohm Composite Video via RCA female sockets.
Audio Input & Output:              Line-Level 1 v p-p, via RCA female sockets.
RF Output Power:                    10 mW EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power)  
Video Input:                              Composite Video 75 ohms impedance.
Audio Input:                              Line Level Audio ~ 10 000 ohms impedance.
DC input:      12 ~ 14 VDC, ~ 200 mA powered from a 12VDC 3000mA regulated power supply  
DC Output   12 ~ 14 VDC unregulated @ 100 mA for external equipment.  
Power Consumption ~ 1.5 Watts plus output load.
AC input :      230VAC 50Hz
Dimension of housing (Exclude gland and antenna protrusion: 245mm  X 195mm X  95mm


To purchase the above system or arrange for a site demo please contact us at the above number or email our technical personnel will contact you and discuss with you in more detail.

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