SECURITEX Lone Worker Automatic Check System.

Deadman Alarm System




The above system 3G device use in the SLWACS is IMDA Type Approved (Reg No: S0231-17) 

Securitex Lone Worker Automatic Check System (SLWACS-88). 3G Version with SMS controller built-in

The Securitex Lone Worker Automatic Check System is developed to ensure that engineers, scientist, technician, operator and crew working alone or as a group in remote area like, laboratory, reactor room, confined area like tunnel, spray paint cabin, tank cleaning. bridge, engine room, boiler room and even monitoring certain equipment in ship, vessel, security room etc. To constantly automatic inform the control room that they are in good condition, well and safe. The Lone Worker MASTER Control Unit [LW-MCU] will at a preset time trigger an alarm that requires the personnel [working crew] on duty to reset the alarm thus indicated that he or she is well, if this activated alarm is not acknowledge after a preset time say 10-15 minute, the second alarm will be set off at the monitoring office either by hard cable or via 3G SMS or to the Monitoring Officer Mobile Phone or Security Office. When this second alarm triggers, normally it indicated that something might have happen at the area of work that will requires immediate attention by the monitoring officer in charger.

The Securitex Lone Worker Automatic Check system consist of the following
a. SLWACS-88 Master control unit c/w 1 built-in reset switch with light and 2 unit siren locator buzzer with light when activated.
b. 1 unit primary motor horn siren OUTPUT 12VDC
c. 1 unit secondary motor horn siren OUTPUT 12VDC
d. 2 units remote location reset switch INPUT DRY CONTACT
e. 1 unit 3G SMS Controller c/w input and output control module.

By default the system is preset at 15 minute for the first alarm, if at anytime the reset button is push. The system will reset to 15 minute again. However if the first alarm is not acknowledge the LW-MCU will give out a buzzer sound continuously together with the primary siren. This will go on for another 10 minute and than the secondary siren will activate (All this timing duration can be preset and reprogrammed at site). To deactivate the siren the Monitoring officer have to press the reset switch on the LW-MCU or any reset switch that are installed and integrated on the LW-MCU and both alarm will goes off. The cycle will than repeat again…..

Technical Specifications : Series A100-220/12.238.2008.V8 Description Specification Application
Supply voltage (Switching Power supply):110VAC-230VAC
Supply current:40mA to 80mA
Relay 1:12VDC-Primary (Baby) siren
Relay 2:12VDC-Secondary (Master) siren
Relay switching capability: Up to 28VDC and 12Amp
Option for dry contact: Depend on version-Relay 1 & 2 activated output (Voltage) 12VDC SIREN
Reset button 1: Fitted on the DMAS Reset button provided on system.
Reset button 2: Connector provided (only) Not provided
Reset button 3: Connector provided (only) Not provided
Gross Dimension of DMAS: 250mm X 175mm X 75mm




3G Band 900/2100MHz default

850/1900MHz *

850/2100MHz *


3G-WCDMA-900/2100Mhz UMTS

Digital Input   2 NC/NO dry contact

Digital Output   1 Relay, 3A/240VAC, 5A/24V DC

Siren Output   12VDC/1A

DC Power supply   9~24VDC/2A

Power consumption   12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA

SIM Card   Support 3V SIM Card

Antenna   50 Ω SMA Antenna interface

Temperature range   -20~+60 °C

Humidity range   Relative humidity 90%

Backup battery (Built-in)  3.7V/900mAH

Authorized user  Up to 999 authorized phone numbers can be configured at the specified time for access control.

No Call Charge  No call charges. Reject calls from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring‘.

Secured  Using Caller-ID for verification, unknown phone calls are ignored.

SMS confirmation  SMS confirmation of relay actions (door open) to the owner or authorized caller number.

Logging  Up to 1000 events log, download the operation historical data by USB or over GPRS.

Exterior dimension   W150*D74*H27 mm

Net Weight   260 g

How can we get this system for our facility

As the Securitex Lone Worker Automatic Check System is fully customized and developed for different application and different premises, customer can write in to or call 67852171 to speak to our technical designer director and he will advise and explain in more detail how the system can be applied in your operation.

For more information or specifications on Securitex Lone Worker Automatic Check System sometime also refer to as (DEADMAN ALARM SYSTEM) please contact:
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