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Lone Worker Alarm System (Emergency Man down Alarm System)


Many industrial, commercial, correctional facilities, marine vessel, airport, seaport, shipyard and even hospital has staff that sometime has to work alone especially in the nightshift and this staff safety and security has to be monitored from a remote site if possible. 


At Securitex Office in Singapore we understand the need for such system and has come up with a Securitex Wireless Personnel Scheduled Reporting System. The lone worker will carry a Wireless Remote Transmitter that he / she will need to activate at a preset time to indicate that he / she is still well and on the job. At the same time the system can also be use to alert the monitoring office in the control room that this lone worker is unwell or is under attack. The lone worker under security tread and safety situation can alert the monitored control room by pressing a button on the transmitter.


We can also incorporate a pull-cord to the wireless transmitter to activate the monitored control room just incase should an attempt is made to remove the transmitter by force from the lone worker. Our system can work in a one man operation or multiple man operation where the control room will know exactly which personnel has just activated his or her transmitter and immediate counter check with this person is possible. This is done through Dedicated Radio Frequency Identification (DRFI). With the DRFI every personnel transmitter is tag to his or her identity. Software in the CCR will monitor all the incoming duress signal and process the identity of the person.


The system configuration is very modular and fully expandable from standalone system to a fully integrated system where software is use to track the individual personnel duress signal. Depend on your site requirement and application the system will need the following equipment:


The above system complies with the IDA Singapore Standards DB104854


Wireless Transmitter

Secured (c/w DRFI) Dedicated

Radio Frequency Identification Technology



Unsecured (Radio Frequency)


Wireless Receiver

Secured (c/w DRFI data capture capability)


Unsecured (Just receive RF only)


Master Control Unit (SA-1)

Securitex EMD-MCU-SA1 (Standalone 1 to 2 user)


Master Control Unit (MPU-200)

Securitex EMD-MCU-MPU-200 (200 user w/o software control)


Master Control Unit (MPU-200SW)

Securitex EMD-MCU-MPU-200SW (200 user c/w software control and data-logger)



Master Control Unit (WS)

Master Control Unit workstation with duress signal software.





 Note: The above system images are for illustration only. Actual system may differ for the image shown above.

Location of the equipment

The Transmitter will be carried by the lone worker either on lanyard or key holder.


The Master Control Unit will be installed in the Manned Control Room.


General System Operation 

Before the lone worker is dispatch to the site. He / She will need to register with the Control Room where the MCU is installed. The Control room Officer-in-charge will need to brief the lone worker on the use of the transmitter. (In the event of an emergency or scheduled time reporting, the lone worker will need to press the button once or twice).


In the Control Room where the MCU is installed and depend of requirement, the system can be preset to activate on an interval of 1 second up to15 minutes recyclable alarm (or longer timing as the system activation is fully programmable). The lone worker will be ask to activate the transmitter at the pre-schedule time to sound the alarm or deactivate the MCU alarm subject to the Pre-arrange Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).


Example operation:

Pre-schedule operation

The lone worker will need to activate his/her transmitter once by pressing button 2 to turn off the pre-schedule alarm at the MCU. If by the pre-schedule time say 15 minutes interval the transmitter button is not press the MCU alarm will activate, the officer in charge will then use either the plant Public Address System to contact the lone worker or through his personal walkie talkie informing him/ her to press the button 2 to signal he / she is fine. If no respond is receive within a pre-define time say 10 sec from the lone worker, the officer will then have to immediately dispatch someone to look for the lone worker.


Emergency operation

The lone worker when meet with an accident or he / she need assistant, the lone worker can press button 1 on the transmitter. When transmitter button 1 is press, the MCU will activate and the officer must immediately dispatch someone to look for the lone worker. (In this case no counter check with the worker is needed the office will need to immediately dispatch someone to site to assist the lone worker)


Multiple user MCU

In a facility where many workers work alone in different section of the factory floor or within a facility, each lone worker will carry a transmitter with DRFI built-in. Individual lone worker will be registered into the Securitex EMD-MCU-MPU-200SW (200 user c/w software control and data-logger). The EMD-MCU-MPU-200SW will be hook up to a dedicated work station with the personnel duress signal software. In the event any of the 200 lone worker activate the transmitter button 1, the MCU in the CCR will sent an event to the workstation and the lone worker identity will be display on the screen an alarm will also activate at the MCU, the officer in charge will then need to dispatch some one in the Central Control Room (CCR) to look for this lone worker or the officer-in-charge can activate next lone worker nearby to lookout for the lone worker that activate the transmitter button 1. The name, date, time, department and even the location will be registered into the system software and a report can be generated if needed for audit purpose.


Test activation

With all wireless system there is always a chance that the signal may not be receive by the CCR MCU. In such case when the lone worker has reach his designated work location, he will then need to report his last location and then test activate his transmitter to ensure the transmitted signal is received by the CCR MCU.


What happen if for any reason the transmitted signal did nor receive by the CCR MCU even after the test activated signal is fine earlier its no problem as the MCU after a preset time is up will activate a siren and if the lone worker did press button 2 but yet the signal did receive by the MCU, the officer-in-charge will still need to dispatch someone to look for the lone worker. (Do not reset the MCU and take for granted that all is well with the lone worker)


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