Securitex Portable Road (Bump / Ramp 50mm) Hump (75mm)







When installing of the SECURITEX road bump / hump insist to use only Hilti high quality anchor, in extremely harsh environment use Hilti epoxy to further enhance the anchoring.


Securitex Speed Bump / Ramp Model: SB-500-425-50

What is Portable Speed Bump / Ramp / Hump


Securitex speed Bump / Ramp / Hump are made from a 100% Thermoplastic Rubber with Built In Reflector eyes, Thermoplastic solid rubber compound to ensure that they are very lasting and also friendly to the environment. The Bump / Ramp / Hump can take very heavy load capacity and can easily allow 20-40ft container truck to drive over.

The Speed Bump (50mm) / Hump (75mm) ensure that driver will not speed along the speed limit road and will reduce the speed to between 10-15km/h when approaching this bump / ramp / hump. The length of the speed bump / ramp / hump is supplied in section of length 500mm width of 425mm and height of 50mm or 75mm. +/-5mm. Each section uses 4 expansion bolt to secured the bump / ramp  / hump to the road surface and there is no specific length that the speed bump / hump need to follow. At the end of the 2 ends of the bump / hump there will be end-cap to Semi circle flush dimension 235mm X 425mm X 50mm +/-5% Tapered with the road surface mounting use 2 expansion bolt. All our speed bumps will have tunnel running through the whole section to allow cable and conduit to lay across the road. Do note that the "tunnel" dimension is 40mm(W) x 20mm(H)

Yellow and Black sections provide driver with a highly visible speed bump to make sure traffic speed is reduced drastically from a distant in areas where the drivers approach this bump / ramp / hump. Installation is very easy and straight forward as there will be no civil work or massive trenching and concreting needed.

Depend on the surface the Portable Speed Bump / Ramp / Hump are installed, we highly recommend to installed on Concrete Surface.

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