The AC-F43 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN Controller is designed for use on location where the reader and controller come in contact with wet weather. The  Pin Reader controller is IP65 rated and its very useful to be use on Side gate access into most landed property. The Pin Controller can also be use on vessel door leading to the bridge and cabin. Rosslare newest standalone backlit PIN controller, the AC-F43, is a cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor systems where PIN credentials are required. This durable model can be easily programmed with up to 500 users, on a single door.


For greater peace of mind, this sturdy access control unit provides three levels of security that can be assigned to as many as 500 users.

The AC-F43 offers automatic mode recognition and a user-friendly set up menu, simplifying configuration and use. Extra features such as various door alarms, LED control input, and tamper detection provide extra security and flexibility. Come rain or shine, this reader can handle the challenge, with its rugged UV-resistant housing and water-resistant enclosure for maximum durability. The backlit keypad is clearly visible during the day or night, making these units ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


  *  Up to 500 users can be coded using Smart enroll and delete technology.

  *  Amounting template and installation kit are provided.

Three user levels:

  * Normal – Requires single PIN code

  *  Secure – Requires dual PIN codes

  *  Master User

Three access levels:

  *  Normal

  *  Bypass

  *  Secure

Suitable for Gang Box installations.

  *  Programmable PIN code length of 4-digits to 8- digits.

  *  Powered either by transformer (AC) or regulated power supply (DC).


  *  IP65 water-resistant and UV-resistant.

  *  Internal buzzer.

  *  Two inputs: REX and Auxiliary.

  *  Two Form C, 5 Amp outputs: Lock Strike and Auxiliary.

  *  Two tri-colored status/programming LED.

  *  Ten auxiliary modes including: Door Ajar, Forced Door, Alarm Shunt, and Door Monitor.

  *  Programmable chime and siren when using BL-D40 and * button.

  *  Built-in case and optical back tamper.

  *  LED color control input.


  *  Operating Voltage Range: 12 to 24VDC, from a regulated power supply and 16 to 24VAC, from a transformer.

  *  Input Current: Standby: 70 mA at 12VDC Maximum: 145 mA at 12VDC.

  *  Relay Outputs: Lock Strike: Form C, 5 Amp Auxiliary: Form C, 5 Amp.

  *  Inputs: REX: N.O., Dry Contact Auxiliary (In/Monitor): N.O., Dry Contact.

  *  LEDs: Two tri-colored LEDs, with additional LED Control feature


  *  Tamper Output: Open Collector, active low 32mA max sink current.

  *  PIN-Codes: 8 formats supported; from single key up to 8-Digit PIN Codes.

  *  LED Control Input: Dry Contact, Normally-Open.

  *  Reader Inputs: Supports 2 Standard Wiegand 26-Bit Readers/Pin keypads.

  *  3 Security Modes: Three modes of operation: Normal Mode/Bypass Mode/Secure Mode.

  *  Audio/Visual: Built-in Sounder (bell, chime, siren)/Two tri-color LED indicators.


  *  Operating Environment: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP65).

  *  Operating Temperature: -12 degree C to 60 degree C (10 degree F to 140 degree F).

  *  Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)


  *  Dimensions: 121mm L x 71mm W x 30mm D (4.72 in. x 2.80 in. x 1.17 in.)

  *  Weight: 244 g (0.54 lbs)

Distributed by: VERSION 1.5 5501-0010259-00 © Copyright Rosslare 2005-2006

CFR47 Part 15b Certified UL-294 PENDING

We recommend selecting Rosslare’s full range of standard Wiegand 26-Bit Readers.






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