Securitex 3G universal controller (SMS controller)

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What is Securitex SRTU5025W-IG 3G universal controller & SMS Controller.



SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG 3G system is incorporated with the QUECTEL UC15 module. This product which allows user to monitor and control remote devices / equipment using their mobile phone. This product which not only enables remote monitoring and control but also sends SMS in case of alarm conditions on the monitored equipment.


SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG  is the product which will fulfill the need in the most effective and economical way. SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG is an advanced yet simplified Remote Terminal Unit which take advantage of the extreme reliable widespread 3G networks and the supported GPRS service.


SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG become a remotely accessible unit from any part of the world, using an embedded feature rich web server interface, user can configure various parameter of SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG. The inputs present on SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG can be used for monitoring of external devices or connecting sensors (2 digital input and 1 Relay output c/w NO. NC. COM). Siren output is also included in the system. Conditions can be set and  configured to monitor these inputs. Since SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG supports SMS, the device can be configured to send SMS whenever alarm conditions occur. SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG also gives the authorized user the freedom to control the states of the connected outputs (return SMS are fully editable which allow customized message to be sent to the person monitoring this devices).


Remote Status Acquisition (RSA) By sending a simple SMS client can change / get the status of the system outputs. Given the set of hardware features, software ability and 3G connectivity SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG is truly an ideal product for use in wide variety of application areas. With minimal to no effort, SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG can be easily integrated in an operational system with ease.


Some of the application areas could be (the list is however not limited to these application areas)

Security systems. Irrigation & fire alarm systems. Building surveillance and control. Home & garden automation projects. Heating, lighting & climate control Remote monitoring and device/equipment control. Medical equipment monitoring. Safety System monitoring and control. Plant and Refinery systems control & monitoring, Data centers etc.

Wide coverage of
3G networks and the provision of GPRS connectivity have made it possible to interconnect systems wirelessly. SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG exploits the benefits of this wireless technology and gives you control of your remote units from any part of this World. All-in-all SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG is an advanced, effective and economical solution for fulfilling the needs of remote monitoring and control applications.




3G Band 900/2100MHz default  850/1900MHz * 850/2100MHz *

STRU5025W-IG 3G: 3G-WCDMA-900/2100Mhz UMTS

Digital Input: 2 NC/NO dry contact

Digital Output: 1 Relay, 3A/240VAC, 5A/24V DC

Siren Output: 12VDC/1A

DC Power supply: 9~24VDC/2A

Power consumption: 12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA

SIM Card: Support 3V SIM Card (3G network)

Antenna: 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface

Temperature range: -20~+60 °C

Humidity range: Relative humidity 90%

Backup battery (Built-in): 3.7V/900mAH

Authorised user: Up to 999 authorized phone numbers can be configured at the specified time for access control.

No Call Charge: No call charges. Reject calls from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring‘.

Secured: Using Caller-ID for verification, unknown phone calls are ignored.

SMS confirmation: SMS confirmation of relay actions (door open) to the owner or authorized caller number.

Logging:  Up to 1000 events log, download the operation historical data by USB or over GPRS.

Exterior dimension: W150*D74*H27 mm

Net Weight: 260 g


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