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Lone Worker Alarm System (Emergency Man down Alarm System) Securitex-Teltonika GH3000


Registration Number: S1138-13

The above system complies with the IDA Singapore Standards DB104854

Overview of System

In many industries today more and more workers are working alone and at longer hours, this staff safety and security thus has to be monitored from a remote site if possible to ensure in the event they are being attacked or they become incapacitated due to sudden illness or injury at work, or they have been harassed etc, help can be dispatched to assist this worker as soon as possible.



Securitex Teltonika GH3000


Securitex Office in Singapore understands that such a system is needed to protect workers and have worked with key equipment manufacturers to source and come up with Securitex Wireless GSM Lone Worker System. To ensure that the system is easy to carry and operate Securitex Teltonika GH3000 is picked for this job.


The lone worker will only need to carry the GSM Lone Worker Unit also known as Securitex Teltonika GH3000 which weighs only 100 grams with battery.


Securitex Teltonika GH3000. This system is designed and manufactured using high quality material and tested electronic component to ensure the system is reliable and very user friendly. Its extremely light weight and long battery life allow the system to be used in the field and for extended period.


The type of protection / detection include:

1. Press to activate.

2. Tilt-detection to activate.

3. Sent In SMS to activate.

How worker carry them.

Worker carry the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 either using the neck strap or holster provided with the system. The holster is usually secured on their waist belt, they can also place them inside their breast pocket or on any upright convenient location on their body.



Detection Method description:

Press to activate

If the user of the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 feels that his / her life is in danger or he / she needs special assistant at the site, he can press the Pre-determine key on the lone worker unit, to either talk to the monitoring officer or he can sent a man-down SMS message to the monitoring officer. 



If the user of the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 lean over 45 degree for a predetermines period of time, example the person carrying the  Securitex Teltonika GH3000 inhales toxic fumes or overcome by allergy of the cleaning agent or the technician get electrocuted when doing electrical maintenance and lose consciousness on the seat or floor, the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 unit alarm will beep for several seconds as pre alarm warning to the user that the main alarm is about to activate, if he / she do not respond to this alarm and remain in the tilt position the system will then activate a full scale alarm. Once full scale alarm activate, pre configured SMS like ( JONATHAN at Boiler Room Lone worker activated) will be sent to the monitoring officer mobile phone.


Pre-alarm Function

We have designed the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 to have an adjustable pre-alarm feature so as to ensure that false alarm is kept to minimum. Example if the worker bent over to pick a tool on the floor or tie his / her shoe lace, the alarm will not set off.


The Alarm SMS Message (received by the Monitoring Officer mobile phone)



    Lone Worker GH3000 Activated                 Monitoring Officer sent sms ALARM STOP                  ALARM STOP send                   Lone Work GH3000unit OFF sms message



System Fully Programmable and Battery Life

The above detection setting is very easy to program by just connecting the system to the PC and using the Track Assist Software to programmed the unit. The Securitex Teltonika GH3000 also uses light weight and long life rechargeable battery to ensure the unit is very light in weight and yet the usage in the field is not compromised.



The device monitors the battery charge level all the time and when the charge level becomes less than set, you will be notified about it by an SMS message. There is a possibility to be informed when the battery fully charges and the device is ready to be used.

21.1 Function configuration

You can choose a couple of modes of configuration: the device does not send any notification about battery charge level or the device can sends a notification when the battery discharges to a set value or the device discharges to a set value and is charged fully.

You can change the battery charge level when device sends the notification messages using Track Assistant software.

A very important parameter is the phone number to which the device will send SMS messages about battery charge level. This number can be configured using quick configuration messages or Track Assistant software.

When changing the parameters of the discharging battery indication, take notice what you are changing the battery charge level notification by SMS or by LED indication. These are separate parameters and can work separately with different configured charge levels.

Battery operation time Transmissions per 24 hr. 1440 24 1 1440
Fixes per 24h 17280 480 24 1440
Duty cycle 100% 27% 10% 90%
Life Time (hr.) 4 96 250 >

Rechargeable Battery BL-5C-H

Alarm activation

When the lone worker is incapacitated due to illness, injury or overcome by gases etc and he / she ignore the pre-alarm by up-righting the unit, preset SMS will be sent to the monitoring officer his/her status.


Alarm transmit

The Securitex Teltonika GH3000 will have an audible warning and vibration on the unit itself. The audible alarm can be reset on the unit using a pre select ALARM OFF button or the Monitoring Officer can sent a ALARM STOP sms to the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 after ensuring that the lone worker physical condiction has been attended.


Panic Alarm

If the worker is in an emergency condition and he / she can still move, there is a panic button on the unit which the distress worker can press to send an sms message to the monitoring officer or he / she can call the monitoring officer informing of his / her condition.


Lone Worker (Man-down) function

This function activates monitoring of device position. If position is changed, GH3000 activates notification signal (PreAlarm, if this function is activated) and after this time runs out Alarm is activated. Device has to change its position by more than 45 degrees or fast position change must be monitored in order to activate PreAlarm. Consider the most stable position while using Man Down function. It is important to keep device in its own special case. Case must be attached to belt or any place, which is stable while moving.

Man down function can help, for example, when user cannot activate alarm button by himself (example: Loss of consciousness). Also in other situations, where object movement is important this function is very handy.

18.1 Configuration

To configure Man-down function open Track Assistant software and go here: Device configuration → Alarm tab and choose Man Down section.

Detailed description is displayed in a table. Parameter Description
Enable Enable/disable man-down function.
Base position This is a position, which GH3000 will use as true (normal) position. All other positions will be treated as false ones and Alarm will be activated. There are 2 base positions to choose from:

Horizontal horizontal position. Attention! GH3000 must to lay on the side which has USB connectors on it.

Vertical vertical position. Attention! GH3000 will use this position as its base only if it stands as displayed in the picture :


An integrated accelerometer (An accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration) is used while using Man Down function. Tilt angle is calculated from this data:

Figure 1

Influence measurements of accelerometer

There are a lot of side effects (example: vibration) which can influence measurements of accelerometer. That's why GH3000 has an integrated filter, which helps to reduce the influence of such factors.

Device reaction when  Man Down is enabled is displayed in pictures below: Figure 2

Figure 2

1) Man down function is enabled. Device position is changed more than 45 degrees. Prealarm is activated. Device goes back to its true (base) position until PreAlarm time runs out. Alarm is not activated. Device continues monitoring its position. Figure 3

Figure 3

2) Man down function is enabled. Device position is changed more than 45 degrees. Prealarm is activated. Device does not go back to its true (base) position until PreAlarm time runs out. Alarm is activated. Figure 4

Figure 4

Right and Wrong way of wearing the Man Down unit. 

It is recommended to use PreAlarm in order to avoid false Alarm activation when device position changed accidentally. Firstly device indicates change of the position with short tone. It means that Alarm will be activated soon. You can stop Alarm activation by bringing device back to its base position until PreAlarm time runs out. PreAlarm time should be 30 seconds or greater.

Do not carry device in a pocket while using Man Down function in order to avoid false Alarm activation. Use only special case, which has to be attached to your belt: Figure 5

Figure 5

Device position is changing about 30 degrees while carrying it in a pocket. Add 15 degrees of accelerometer error and result will be about 45 degrees. So now false Alarm can be activated. The same happens if the device is worn hanging on a neck. However device position is much more stable when carrying it in a special case.


Error of accelerometer is about ~15 degrees. Please contact your sales manager if accelerometer is too sensitive.

Master Base Unit SECURITEX GSM-BS3000


The Master Base Unit GSM-BS3000 unit is an optional remote site alarm GSM SMS controller that can be installed in the security control room, vehicle, maintenance office, Open field command centre or the process plant control room. The base unit has a 120db loud alarm and warning light including the alarm reset button to activate the emergency respond Audio & Visual Alarm when the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 activate. The GSM-BS3000 has also built-in NO/NC relay output which can be use to integrate to other call device like the GSM-SMS controller. Access Control, CCTV and even whole facility emergency respond system.


Master Base Station GSM-BS3000 (Image of the base station is illustration only)


New generation advanced Lone Worker Unit with Personal Tracker

         GPS Sensitivity -160dBm, 50-channels

         Dual-band (optional)

         Internal memory 1Mb

         Micro USB connector

Outdoor safety for elderly people
Lone worker protection (Man Down function)
Children protection
Asset security

Man down function: movement sensor for fall detection and power saving
Alarm button for data and voice transmission
Voice calls
Polygonal Geofence zones
Parking function
Silent call
Modem emulation
Remote control by SMS

General information:
GPS Sensitivity -160dBm, 50-channels
Dual-band (optional)
Internal memory 1Mb
Micro USB connector
Five keys for a function execution
Recommended operating temperature 0 up to 50C
Storage temperature -20 up to 60C
Three LED indicators for device status indication
Weight 80g
Battery 1050mAh (Li-ion)
Dimensions 92x44x18
Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)

Securitex Teltonika GH3000 Specifications
GPS Receiver uBlox 50-channels
Sensitivity Indoor GPS: -160 dBm
Internal Antenna Patch
GSM frequencies Dual-Band 900/1800 or 850/1900MHz
Vibro Yes
Keyboard 5keys
Keyboard lock Yes
Battery 1050mAh (Li-ion)
LED indicators 3
Weight 80g
Dimensions 92x44x18
Internal memory 1MB
Rec. operating temperature 0 up to 50C
General operating temperature -20 up to 60C
Data transferring
Supporting GPRS protocol TCP/IP or UDP
Real time NMEA (0183) via USB Yes
USB connector type Micro USB
SPY call Yes
Action On Call Yes
Low battery level alarm messages Yes
Voice call Yes
GSM modem emulation mode Yes
Man down Yes
Geofence zones Yes
circles total up to 50 zones
Support AGPS Yes
Alarm notification methods Voice call, SMS, GPRS, GPRS or SMS
Roaming detection Yes
Incoming SMS notification Yes
Outgoing SMS notification Yes
SMS templates Yes
Configuration protection Yes
Authorized SMS p.n. list Yes (up to 10 phone numbers)
Incoming Call authorization p.n. list Yes (up to 10 phone numbers)
Device status identification via GPRS Yes
Data transferring by request Yes
Tracking by SMS Yes
Parking Yes


a.         Plant and refinery location (non-hazardous environment only)

b.         Pharmaceutical Plant. Wafer Fabrication. Semiconductor factory. 

c.         Laboratory

d.         Offsite guardhouse

e.         Maintenance workshop etc.


Marine Application

a.         Marine Vessel boiler room

b.         Bridge watch.

c.         Deck watch.

d.         On board vessel patrolling.

e.         Service and maintenance onboard vessel etc.


The system configuration is very modular and fully expandable from standalone system to a fully integrated system where software can be use to track the individual personnel duress signal. We can also incorporate the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 when activated sent  SMS message to the call centre and to activate the plant siren etc.


Location of the equipment

The  Securitex Teltonika GH3000 will be carried by the lone worker.


The Master Control Unit (SECURITEX GSM-BS3000-Optional) will be installed in the Manned Control Room (MCR) or any location where the Radio Frequency from the MD-18 can be received.


General System Operation 

Before the lone worker is dispatch to the site. He / She will need to register with the Manned Control Room where the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 will be issued. The Control room Officer-in-charge will need to brief the lone worker on the use of the device. (In the event of an emergency or scheduled time reporting, the lone worker will need to press the button once or twice).


Operation will be subjected to the Pre-arrange Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).


Test activation

With all wireless system there are always a chance that the signal may not be sent out due to GSM signal level is low at the transmitting end and the receiving end. In such case when the lone worker has reach his designated work location, he will then need to report his last location and then test activate his transmitter to ensure the transmitted SMS is received by the Monitoring Officer.


Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering carries the Securitex Teltonika GH3000 in stock. This equipment are stored in Singapore and distributed to the user when they make a purchase. All request and enquiries after sale will be handled by our trained system engineer and sales engineer. Replacement parts are readily available in Singapore.


For more information on this system download the brochure here

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