Securitex Industrial Traffic Light System



Securitex traffic light system Model: SECURITEX WT-TL3+1

The Securitex WT-TL3+1 is designed, developed and produced to assist industry signaling player to manage their remote  signaling need by ensuring that the device is easy to install and very low maintenance in future. This product are specially use for traffic lights application but it can also be use by other industry like marine, aviation, Oil & Gas industries to custom make for their special application.


The feature and benefit of using the WT-TL3+1 are.

a. Reduce overall operating & maintenance cost as LED energy saving is 90% compare to the use of incandescent

b. The reliability of the traffic light also ensure safety. It improved visibility over life time of the product. The design also minimized sun phantom effect.

c. Very easy to install into existing signaling enclosure.

d. Can be use as stand alone traffic light or can be incorporated into existing traffic light system.

e. Material is made of high impact polycarbonate mean that there is no corrosion or rusting which requires maintenance.  




Single 3 aspect, c/w PC housing and mounting brackets

200X200mm cobweb lens

High brightness LED with integrated optic

LED Rated lifespan 100,000 hrs

Ingression protection IP67

Operating temperature -30 degree -+60 degree Celsius

Operating Voltage 12VDC

Housing material Polycarbonate

Dimension 760mm X 260mm

Weight approx 2000g


200mm full ball LED traffic light assembly comprising RED, AMBER and GREEN colored light source.


Aspect Combination

We can also custom fabricate the 2 aspect type with RED + YELLOW or RED + GREEN or YELLOW + GREEN . This Traffic light can be integrated to all types of Signaling Controllers or Manual Controls.


Certificates of lights testing LUMINOUS INTENSITY can be provided upon request.

Road Work Application

This traffic lights are very useful for road work automatic or manual traffic controls.


The traffic light unit is supplied in a carton with all the cable clearly mark and the mounting bracket all provide. Sun-shroud are also provide

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