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Video e-net XP2002

Video e-Net XP2002/4/8/12/16 Digital Video Recorder

Computer base system

Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder is a sophisticated PC-based digital security surveillance system that converts all existing CCD camera analog signal to digital video signal. All images recorded are stored in the hard disk of the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder. This allows the images to be easily searched and played back without having to go through the entire recorded image just like the images recorded in the VCR.

System Application

Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder can be used for security surveillance and monitoring like Airport, Military Installation, Prison, Land and sea transport monitoring, financial institution like banks and insurance, factories, warehouses and all industrial plants including Power and Nuclear generation plant, oil refineries and petrochemical plants. It can also be use to integrate into industrial robotics automation, schools, casinos and even theme parks etc.

Integrate to existing CCTV system 

As Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder is an image grabber and recorder it can be integrate to all existing CCTV cameras, without any major modifications.

SMICT (Super Motion Image Compression Technology)

SMICT is a compression technology that can be used in video storage or video communication for extended recording and with SMICT incorporated into the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder the performance of this system is very superior compare to similar products that use the general digital image compression formats such as AVI, JPEG, MJPEG, MPEGI, H.261, H.263 and even WAVELET.

Due to the high compression technique, each image file is very small thus image-transfer through PSTN or LAN is very fast. With this technology all video clips are digitized and stored as files into the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder thus remote monitoring can be deliver through PSTN (normal phone line), LAN or Internet. As for PSTN connection, all that is required is a direct phone line hooked up to a modem that is connected to the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder. Over at the remote site, a notebook PC or another computer is required to perform the dial-up task.

For LAN connection, the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder can be connected to the LAN network. Multiple remote clients will then be able to log on and access the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder system. Finally Internet connection is also possible via a dedicated IP address.

User friendly function

User friendly function like phone book (for PSTN) and server list (for LAN) is offered to users to store frequently used phone numbers. Users are able to access the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder even while it is performing the recording function at the point of access.

PIR motion function

Software intelligent motion detection allows detection of motion without using separate motion sensors. With this function once it detects any changes of image in the monitored area the system will be triggered and starts recording of the event. This function is very useful as it will save lots of storage space in the hard disk. To activate this feature is very simple just applied the masking multi-specified areas on the monitor screen that’s all. This can be easily setup by just clicking on the mouse button and dragging it to mask the specified area (s) of preference on the monitor screen.

Remote alert function

When motion is detected, Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder system can be setup to activate remote alert to notify by voice or send images via telephone or LAN. Telephone numbers can be programmed for Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder system to perform the auto dial feature.

Capture of frozen images

With this features incorporated into the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder system, when motion is detected a snap shot of the image is capture by frozen of this image. This will help determine what and when the initial activities are detected and automatically saved as a file for printing, etc.

Alarm Log Files

All motion detected are stored in the alarm log. This log can be accessed for details of the incident. Direct playback from the alarm log can also be achieved by clicking on the desired data. Furthermore there are also an option to activate full motion recording and desired recording speed when motion is detected.

Advantage of this feature is it will reduce unwanted video recordings when full motion recordings are not needed.

Local audio Alert

If local alarm sound is required, the Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder can also be setup to play an alarm sound of your choice through the PC speakers when motion is detected to notify the surveillance guards or personnel.

System Specification

The above Video e-Net XP2002 Digital Video Recorder c/w the following specification:

Pentium 4 2.0 CPU. Gigabyte 8SR 533Mhz w/sound. Kingston DDR ram 256 MB Nividia GeForce 4 MX440 64MB w/TV out. IBM 7200RPM 40GB minimum Hard disk. Samsung 40x12x40 R/W CD-ROM. US Robotics 56K message modem. D-Link 10/100 Ethernet card. License Windows 2000 or XP. Philip 17” monitor 1.44MB floppy drive. Keyboard. Mouse. Casing w/300W power supply and VGC+ 16 Channels video cards

Note: The above system specification is subject to changes without notice

We can customized the Video e-net XP2002 in the following chassis to meet your life style 

Mini tower chassis system for desk top display

Industrial rack mount chassis for 17" and 19" installation

The viewing of the recorded image can be display on normal CRT monitor, TFT monitor, LCD Flat monitor, Plasma TV monitor and even the normal TV monitor 

The above image is for illustration only 

The above system specification is subject to changes without notice. Specification shown above is only the system minimum spec. 

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