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Securitex wireless vehicle surveillance system is specially designed by a team of electronic engineers from Israel and India. As most vehicle theft occurred in vehicle and at the same time most vehicle security system only confine to alarm system, thus no proof of crime can be obtained. Even if an alarm do activate from the car, no one actually bother thinking its a false alarm. Vehicle vandalism is another problem area for vehicle owner especially car scratches.

After more than 3 years of research and development we have successfully design a system that can capture the image of the event and transmit this image wirelessly up to 150 meters to the owner office or home where a recorder, records the entire event. These images can even be capture digitally and store in the Digital Video Recorder. Since all Digital Video Recorder have a remote surveillance capability built-in, thus a vehicle owner who says park his car at his home in one state can transmit the image to his home up to 30 storey (74m). This image is than store in the Digital Video Recorder and the Digital Video Recorder connected to the internet. These allow the owner to view and monitor his car even a thousand miles away.     

Wireless Mobile Unit (continuous of used 18 hours)

The wireless mobile unit is a self-contained system it come with a built-in camera, rechargeable battery and wireless 2.4Ghz transmitter. These equipments are house in a plastic housing to protect the circuitry. 

External charger

The wireless mobile unit has a built-in rechargeable battery that need to be recharge after every 12 hours of used. To minimize interference and to make the system less bulky, an external charging unit is provided in this system. 

Wireless signal receiver unit

The wireless signal receiver unit will also be provide in the system, this receiver can be install to the recorder or Digital Video Recorder and output to the home television for real-time monitoring. This unit can be battery operated or by power adapter.

Note on the limitation of such system (IMPORTANT Notice that you must know)

Dear vehicle owner who want to get the above system to monitor their vehicle. please note that the limitation of such system is the distance that the wireless signal can transmit to the receiving station and the site interference condition can also play an important part in the overall performance of the system. Very important LINE OF SIGHT is a must. We do not provide free demo service but if you still will like to try them out at your location there will be a DEMO charge of S$280.00 to cover cost for manpower to deliver the system to site and set up the equipment. These cost will be waive off if the system can function at site and the client decided to purchase them. As the above systems will be customized according to site condition the cost will depend on the level of customization. However a basic working system will DIY customization will be S$ 3500.00.

Client who purchase the above system will need to know that they are getting the above system base on their knowledge of such system and is aware of the limitation of the system. There will be no refund once the system is sold. We also cannot guarantee the quality of the images as with all wireless system there are signal quality limitation which is not without our control. However all equipment c/w a 1`2 months warranty against manufacturing defect.

System Specification:

Wireless Mobile Unit

Power input 12VDC minimum power adapter used 500mA.
Power output 12VDC maximum 300mA
Power consumption 1.5 watts Connector 1 RCA video input, 1 RCA (L) audio input 1 RCA (R) audio input
Frequency ISM Band 2400Mhz ----- 2483Mhz (Audio and Video) on 4 selectable channels.
Antenna mode Dipole (Omni-directional) Demodulation method, FM Frequency Generating P.L.L Audio response 300- 3000Hz  
Video input system EIA, CCIR, NTSC and PAL RF Output power Follow regulation. (IDA approval) 
Camera Dome 1/3 colour CCD c/w electronic iris and 2.8 mm lens 

Wireless signal receiver unit (Receiver RX-01)

Power input 12VDC minimum power adapter used 500mA
Power consumption 3.6 watts
Connector 1 RCA video output, 1 RCA (L) audio output 1 RCA (R) audio output.
Frequency ISM Band 2400Mhz ----- 2483Mhz (Audio and Video) on 4 selectable channels. Noise figure  -92dbm
Antenna mode Dipole (Omni-directional) Demodulation method FM Frequency Generating P.L.L Audio response 300- 3000Hz
 Video output  1 Vpp/75ohm composite video 

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This image is captured with the WVSS

Wireless Mobile unit c/w camera and built-in rechargeable battery

Wireless signal  receiver

Charging system for the above WVSS