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Mobile VUC Scanner base unit

Mobile Scanner head 

Wireless CCD undercarriage scanner with Mobile digital video recording system

Due to the recent terrorist attack around the world where the  terrorist uses truck and car bomb. Facilities around the world like Airport, Military camp, Government building, Hotel, Hospital, Shopping mall and even stadium and Oil and Gas facilities etc starts having guard at the main entrance to screen vehicle arm with undercarriage mirror. This conventional method is not very good as the undercarriage image cannot be captured and store for future reference.

We at Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering has come up with a system that allows real time undercarriage image to be scan and transmitted from the undercarriage scanner wirelessly to the security station and even record this images in the mobile digital recorder.

The "VUC-Scanner" package consist of the following:

CCD Scanner head

The CCD Scanner head consist of 1 unit high resolutions 1/4" CCD outdoor camera c/w 2.5mm lens and swivel bracket c/w built-in AVS2.4 wireless transmitter unit and 12VDC rechargeable battery

Undercarriage monitoring and recording station

The monitoring and recording station consist of 1 unit Mobile digital video recorder c/w AVS2.4 wireless receiver and battery or power adapter. A built-in 6.4¡¨TFT monitor is also incorporated into the system for total mobility the whole system is encase in a heavy duty flight case. 

Customised system

As the above system is fully customised for individual vehicle undercarriage scanning and surveillance application thus all the system will be of different specification. As such please contact us for more detail on this system for your specific need.

Area of interest where this system can be use are.

Airport, Military camp, Police station, Government agency, Embassy, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Stadium, School, Campus, Cargo centres, Oil and gas facilities, Petrol station and even car parks entrances etc.  

Note: We are able to designed and customized vehicle undercarriage scanner system for different application and in different setup. Please feel free to contact us at: Email: davidtan@securitex.com.sg

Scanner Head unit (Video capturing device) X 1 unit
Image Picture-up Device 1/4" SONY sensor Video output level 1.0V(P-P) 75 ohms composite
Picture Element (H) ¡Ñ (V) NTSC¡G512 X 492,  PAL¡G512 X 582 Lens Standard 2.9mm lens, /F2.0 optional
Horizontal Resolution 380TV Lines Operation Temperature -10 to 50 degree C
Sensitivity 1Lux Storage Temperature -20 to 70 degree C
S/N Ratio 48db Power Source DC12V
Gamma 0.45 Dimension 70(W)¡Ñ44(H)¡Ñ53(D) mm
Electronic shutter UP 1/100,000sec Weight 350g
¡@ ¡@ ¡@
AVS2.4 Wireless transmitter unit X 1 unit
DC Power in (Adapter) 12VDC, 500mA Power Consumption 1.5Watts
DC Power out 12VDC, 300mA ISM Band 2400Mhz -- 2483Mhz
Size 114X60X33 mm Weight 220g
¡@ ¡@ ¡@
AVS2.4 Wireless receiver unit X 1 unit
DC Power in (Adapter) 12VDC, 500mA Power Consumption 3.6Watts
Noise figure 30db Max Sensitivity -92dbm
Size 129X103X26 mm Weight 180g
¡@ ¡@ ¡@
AVS2.4 Wireless transmitter and receiver unit specifications
Full Range: EIA, CCIR, NTSC, PAL ISM Band:2400Mhz audio/video on four selectable channels
Antenna Mode: Dipole (Omni-directional) Demodulation Method: FM
Frequency Generating P.L.L Audio Response: 300-3000Hz
Video Response: 1Vpp/75 ohm Composite Video RF Output Power: Follow the regulation
¡@ ¡@
6.4" TFT LCD Colour Video Monitor Specifications X 2 units
Resolution 960(H) X 234 (V) Power source DC12V+/-10%
Display Size 6-inches TFT Power Consumption 11W (Max)
Brightness 270cd/m2 Adjustment Brightness and Volume control
Drive System Active Matrix Operation Temperature -10degree C to +70degreeC
Video Input system NTSC or PAL Storage Temperature -10degree C to +70degreeC
Viewing angle Top=15degree, Bottom=35degree Left=55degree, Right=55degree Dimensions 160 X 122 X 30mm
Undercarriage monitoring and recording station (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) X 1 unit
Video input 1 Channel Storage  2.5"HDD  (Notebook size)
Audio Input 1 channel  Motion detection Yes
Video Output 1 channel USB interface  Mass Backup
Audio Output 1 channel Playback source HDD and compact flash card selectable
RS232 Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600 Date/Time search Yes
Display rate  Real Time Fast Forward  x 1, x 2, x 3
Alarm input Yes Fast Reverse x 1, x 2, x 3
Video Loss Detection    Yes Freeze Yes
Compression M-Jpeg RS-232 Remote controller
Recording Rate 360 X 240 (15fps) Trigger function Manual/trigger input support
Recording Rate 720 X 240 (10fps) Image save area (Image will be save into CFC)
Recording Duration 20GB HDD/5fps/360x240-->4.8days Weight Net weight:2.4 kgs
Audio Recording Yes ¡@ Gross weight: 2.86kgs
OSD Manual Yes Dimension (Machine) 67 X 174X 226mm
Power consumption 24W (12VDC 2.0A) Dimension (Inner box) 290 X 270 X 120mm
DC power output 9.6VDC power output for camera DC power input 11 to 32VDC power input
Specification Highlight ¡@ Features ¡@
1.Resolution: 720x240 (1~10fps) / 360x240 (1~15fps) ¡½Anti-Vibration, Anti-Shock Design
2.Codec: Motion-JPEG, 20KB/ per frame (720x240) ¡½Portable Design (Outer Housing support)
3.Recording Mode: Motion/ Continuous, 1x Audio Recording ¡½RTOS (Real Time Operating System) base
4.Storage: Internal 2.5¡¨HDD x1,Compact Flash Card x1 for trigger storage ¡½Front Panel Design
5.Trigger Mode Recording: Alarm input or Manual Trigger key ¡½M-JPEG Compression, .Avi file format support
6.USB interface: Access picture data stored in 2.5¡¨ HDD ¡½LED Indicator for status monitoring
7.Storage: 20GB/ 1fps/ 1ch/ 720x240 --> 12 days ¡½Compact Flash Card for Manual & Collision Trigger Recording
8.Outer Housing: With Remote Controller ¡½USB port for File Backup
¡½Friendly User Interface (Front-Panel Control)
¡½Plug and Play, system reboots automatically
¡½Synchronized Audio Recording
Recording Duration
HDD Ch FPS Resolution Record hrs  Record days
20GB 1 10 720x240(20KB) 29.1 1.2
20GB 1 5 720x240(20KB) 58.2 2.425
20GB 1 1 720X240(20KB) 291 12.1
20GB 1 15 360X240(10KB) 38.8 1.6
20GB 1 5 360X240(10KB) 116.5 4.85
20GB 1 5 360X240(10KB) 388 16.1

To Purchase the above system contact Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering block 9010 Tampines St 93 #04-145 Singapore 528844

Email: davidtan@securitex.com.sg

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