Securitex Industrial Autogate Automation Swing Gate System



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The only CONCEALED automatic gate system that surpass its competitor in term of



The internal structure of the actuator unit


Parts of the actuators

Securitex/R automatic swing gate system is specially design by a team of mechanical and electrical engineer. The system provides comfort and built  to withstand extreme heavy usage in the most rugged condition. This versatile system can be installed on existing and new gate without modification to the gate itself. As the motorised unit is concealed under the driveway just below the gate thus do not alter the aesthetic appearance of the gate. Furthermore the gate can be swing 90 degree. After more than a decade since its introduction, the system continues to automate gates around the world with more than a million set sold worldwide. This field-tested testimony of its reliability and robustness is far better than any claims of reliability with reports of 100,000 test cycles within the confines of a laboratory environment.


Fast Operation:

The motor unit that drives the mechanism is amongst the fastest in the industries. It takes 8 to 10 seconds to open the gate to 90 degree


Silent operation:

As the system uses the DC motor unit to drive the mechanism thus the operation is very silent


Durable and weather shield components:

Major components such as the casing and actuators arm are made of very tough and rust resistant materials even suitable for Oil, gas and corrosive environment. The motor drive unit itself is housed in a weather and waterproof aluminum alloy casing


Safety with anti-crush:

A built-in safety clutch system suspends the motion of the gate should any obstacle be encountered in its path so as to prevent injury or damage.



The system can be incorporated with various kind of access control system eg. Card access, Pin access, Long range transponders and even wireless remote transmitter (preferred) with a remote control system for gate operation the gate can be open from a range of up to 30 metres from the confines of the vehicle, because the remote control system is coded it ensure once the gate is lock, no unauthorized opening is possible. Furthermore in an emergency the gate can be manually open by a key.


Improve control unit:

The new control panel incorporates micro-computer technology with a CPU that is well protected from transient voltages and lightning strikes. With this control unit, gates cushion to a gentle halt and can be preset control from the various VR (Variable Resistor) built-in to the controller board.







A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and Nylon Bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and the shaft is adjusted by radially tightening the bush with screws system.


Motor Voltage Rating 

15-24V Direct Current (DC)


Power Consumption

25 watt per Actuator


Motor Rated Load Speed

4700 rpm


Insulation Resistance

1.5 mega ohm


Closing Speed (from 90 Angle)

6-8 sec


Actuator output speed

2.2 rpm


Max speed

12 to 15 degrees per second


Max. Leaf Opening Angle

180 to 360 degrees


Max. Leaf Weight Allowable

200 kg


Drive Shaft

Nickel chrome plated solid steel shaft



Waterproof and rust resistance cast alloy


Trust Force

More than 50 kg


External Dimension

255mm (L) x 240mm (W) x 125mm (H) (Subject to changes)


Actuator arm and bracket



Nickel-chrome plated mild steel


Bearing Serial



Arm Dimension

485mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 5mm (H)


Solenoid Lock with Lock Keeper

  Type         This lock is applicable for both out swing and inward swing gate.
  Rated Voltage     24VDC direct current (Heavy duty insulated copper coiled Electromagnetism when energized)
  Lock Keeper    Solid Mild steel with PVC protective coating.
  Spring       Stainless Steel
  Manual over ride Key operated can-lock to enable manual operation in the event of power failure.
  Dimension 115mm (L) X 70mm (W) X 55mm (H)
  L plate and angle bracket  Solid Mild steel Galvanized
  Lock plate for solenoid rod dropper Solid rubber structure with bolt-down hole.
  Secure Screw Galvanized expansion bolt and nut




Swing gate CONTROL PANEL (5 Amp fuse)


The Securitex-R-CP102 control panel is develop using industrial grade state-of-the-art Microprocessor to reliably provide a very stable control of the various output which in turn provide specified function to the various integrated equipment it control like the actuator, lock, lights etc individually. The opening and closing of the gate can be operated precisely base on the site condition like the opening and closing of the Presidential Palace gate style because of the individually controlled Variable resistor (VR trimmer) on the specified relay that route the 24VDC to the motor 1 and 2 include the precise cut off time for the motor. Over-current and short circuit fuses prevent the control board from damage. Clearly mark cable connector allows even owner able to trouble shoot the system especially the cable entry.


The control panel uses step down voltages from 230VAC to 24VDC direct current control panel to control the receiver, motors and electronic lock.

Power Supply 230VAC, 5Amps, 50 Hz
Primary Transformer Type multi-voltage step-down 230VAC to 12VAC and 24VAC 5amp.
AC/DC voltage conversion On board Bridge
Motor Output Two speed gate control 24V D.C. for fast speed and 12V D.C. for slow speed control by built-in timer Half-way-stop operation selectable Control to stop immediately at any time when gate is moving
Normal Operation One or Two gate-leaf control by the indoor pushbutton and remote control
External Dimension 310mm (L) x 250mm (W) x Depth-60mm
Optional Battery backup with chargers and automatic lighting control is also available


Single channel and Dual Channels/ Remote Control available
Type Battery-operated, crystal controlled frequency.
Frequency Modulated radio wave
Range Effective 40m to 50m (subject to site noise condition)
Pass-code Set by 8 X 3 ways dipswitches switches easily accessible and can be changed by owner.
Battery Under normal usage a 12V battery should last 12 months
Case Size 50mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 12mm (H)


What make Securitex Autogate system different from its competitor?

We select from the industries the best system with real life field track record and our selected system are manufactured from very durable metal and materials for use on the actuators and the carbon steel gear, copper gear and nickel chrome solid carbon steel shafts that will withstand harsh weather and premature wear and tear. The electronic controller are also designed and manufacturer in such a way that when the system are in idle state (Meaning not in operation) only 5% of the electronic are actually subject to electric standby (that is the Secondary transformers and some electronic component on the control board . All other relays and even the Primary Transformer will not be subjected to electric contact until the gate is activated. 

Actuators Quality 

Most of the actuators are manufacture to last as the gear use are made of very high quality steel and the bearing use are imported from Japan. This bearing are used in industrial robotic and automation industries. To ensure this moveable parts do not subject to unnecessary wear due to friction, high quality grease are pack into this gearbox to ensure the friction between the metal contact is reduce to below 1 %. Field survey shows that some of this actuators are still in good operation for over 15 years without replacement of any gear parts other than the DC motor carbon bush set and push spring. With basic maintenance and check at interval 4 years (Subject to the installation site), include minor wear and tear parts replacement, this system can last well over 20 years. (Read more on why this system will not fail prematurely "literature will be available soon")

Systems Researched and Development  

The manufacturer substantial research and development ensure latest state of the art technology are used to ensure the system are among the best in the world, this can be seen from the mark improvement on the control panel and the motorized unit. The system is also fully weather proof and totally tropicalised for use in tropical countries in Asia.


Installation layout and cabling diagram

Typical system installation


House to gate                                    Cabling                                  Specification

Push button 4 cores X 1 1.5mm

Power mains                                        3 cores 2.5mm

Actuator No 1, 2 and lock 2 cores each pairs                      1.5mm

Pillars light2 cores 1.5mm



Automatic gate supply and install by Securitex under: Ranger, Mag, Roberto, E-Signal, Herostar swing and sliding gate system will c/w warranty between 12 to 18 months longer warranty of up to 36 months can also be arrange. This is made possible as a result of the additional stringent check and assessment on the system by us before installation to ensure every unit is defect free at source.



Securitex also do service, maintenance and repair of all kind of automatic gate system. Sliding, concealed swing. armed swing and industrial barriers system etc. We also supply spare parts to owner for replacement.



Not sure what kind of automatic gate system suit your premises be it commercial. Industrial and residential application, please do not hesitate to contact Securitex for discussion.

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The above system designed, illustration and system specification is subject to change without notice. Catalogue image and the actual system may vary due to product constant development. Patents and ISO achievement / obtains are the manufacturer property. Securitex has no claims over this certification and trademarks. All copyrights material used are the property of its respective owners. Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering is not the manufacturer of this system. But rather a independent company that look for the best and most reliable system and equipment in the industries include support and service and deliver to the end user. 


Electrical Surges on Electronic

Current spikes from surges derive from lightning strike are isolated to prevent damage to the board this uses the Microprocessor with solid state integrated circuit. In the even that the lightning do strike at the precise moment the gate is in operation, the transient surges will either blow fuse of damage some component of the controller (For lightning damage board Securitex will recommend replacement rather than repair, as the new board is not very expensive). As for the motor and lock it will not be damage as this are solid copper coil and mechanical movement (But of course if the gate is subject to a direct hit, then of course nothing survive a direct lightning hit). 


The solenoid locks are patented and is the hallmark of today auto gate system. The mechanical operation principal is power to unlock and gravity to lock. Life span of this lock is well over 10 years as the power to unlock the solenoid only receive power of less than 3 seconds. The rest of the movable parts are all made from non-rusted material like brass and stainless steel spring, the outer housing is of alloy material and the screws that hold the lock in place are all stainless steel.

Modular in Nature

The modularized architecture allows the system to be replaced in parts instead of whole system in the event the system need to be replaced. Working system can be kept and damage one replace in modular unit, even home owner can replace them. (Of course if the system at time of repair is already more than 5 years due to warranty aspect, we will recommend total replacement, but this is still subject to the owner decision)

Strict Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of the system is under strict quality control to ensure impeccable finished product. Every unit are individually check in the factory and in Securitex factory we will do another check to ensure quality of the system before we move the system to site for installation.

Qualified tradesmen are engage to carryout the installation

The installation of the system is carefully selected from a team of qualified technician to carryout, the most experience tradesman specially selected by us whose experience dated back 20 years will be used, this is to ensure that automatic gate system supply and install by us will surpass its useful predicated life span.

Management back up  with years of experience

Efficient management team with years of experience in engineering sales and after sales support even in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and aviation industries who even designed and built gate system for Palace will be around to ensure all enquires are attended to without fail. Records of the gate installation and service history will be kept in our archive for future reference.

Finally with more that a few hundreds thousand system sold since the first piece left the manufacturing plant some 20years ago spare parts are never a problem to us. As the system is modularized even replacement of obsolete system can be done without much modification. 

Spare Parts

Please note that Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering Singapore do supply system spare parts to user for Do It Yourself installation or maintenance. We also provide installation and maintenance service if the client choose to get us to do it.


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