Securitex card activate Buggy operation.       


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Country Club. Golf Course. Hotels, Plant and Refinery that uses buddy to transport guest, staff and even tools from point to point usually face a problem of staff or guest misused of the buddy. Securitex designed and fabricate specialized access card system that can be easily retrofit to any buggy simply through a very simple modification to the buggy.

Buggy Manual Key Operation

Although buggy come with manual key start and stop, this key are usually not very heavy duty and after some time just by inserting any key into the key-switch anyone can start and stop the buggy. The other problem is misused of the buggy if the key switch is faulty any one can drive the buggy without a proper key.

Securitex Buggy Start Stop Systems using Cardkey authentication.

We designed buggy start / stop system that can be easily retrofit to any type or buggy. This system has a built in card reader and a controller that requires the authorized driver of the buggy to present his or her card on the system before they can start the buggy. Presenting a wrong card to the system will not allow this driver to start the buggy.

Buggy usage audit trail

The system also have an audit trail built-in to allow the administrator and owner that owns the buggy to download the log to know who has use the buggy and the date and time of the buggy been use.

System design for wet and IP65 rating environment

The system is also designed to use in extremely wet condition thus the buggy can also be use during raining weather.

Anti-theft design / feature

As the system has a built-in anti theft designed, once the system is been removed from the buggy, the buggy will not operate till the system is place back.

Operation time can be preprogrammed and set.

The system can even be preprogrammed that at certain operation time the buggy can be use without a card authentication and at certain time the system will lock down the buggy where special cardkey is needed to unlock the buggy.

Securitex Buggy AS management software

Our buggy card activated system are all preprogrammed using computer with the Buggy AS management software. The system are design and fabricated in Singapore and all the parts and software are imported and made in Europe, USA, UK and Germany.

Custom design and fabricate

As the above system are customized and design in Singapore, if you have the needs for this system, please feel free to contact us.

Modular and easy maintenance.

The above system are designed, customized and made in modular form to ensure easy maintenance and replacement if there is a need. Basically replacement of the system is as easy as replacing a light bulb. No special tools are needed.

European Imported parts

To ensure reliability of the system all our parts are source around the world and we only use European parts for the system.

Where to purchase.

To purchase this system please email to or contact us at 67852171, our highly trained staff will be able to advice you on such system and the cost involve to retrofit the system and what changes you need to make in your buggy allocation and distribution.




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