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DENGEN HRC-15010 12V 24V 48V 72V 96V Battery Charger (Made in JAPAN)

Industrial Specification Charging System



The DENGEN BATTERY CHARGER (Made in Japan) is a very high quality multiple batteries charging system which allows charge of up to 96V (12V x 8pcs) at the same time!

Specification: Model HRC 15010

Alternating current input - 100V (Single phase) 50/60Hz 1.4 KVA

Rectification system Both wave rectification system SILICON DIODE UNIT

Direct current output - 6-96V ( 12V x 8 pc) 0-10A (Maximum)

Voltage change - 6v.12v.24v.48v.72v.96v

Backstop Fuse (Input inside) Over current breaker (Output side)

Use Normal charge : For mini bike ~ Diesel Car

Size - 400x270x255mm

Insulated system A kind double insulation system

Accessories Power cord/code 3.5m , Charge cord/code 2.2m attaching


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Securitex DENGEN Hi-Max 100

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Securitex DENGEN Hi-Max 70

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 To purchase the DENGEN Battery Charger please feel free to contact us at or 67852171.



 As charging battery usually cause sparking when the cable positive and negative clip are introduce and hydrogen gas discharge, care must be taken to ensure that battery charging are carryout in well ventilated area. In Oil and Gas industries or shipyard environment extreme care must be taken when using external battery charger. Please consult your plant engineer for advice on the safe area for charging 


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