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G2500 & G4000 & G6000

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G2500 - For openings up to 2.5m

Download Systems Manual G2500 Click Here

G4000 - for openings up to 4m

Download Systems Manual G4000 Click Here

The fast automatic barriers, for openings of up to 2.5m, are the ideal solution for private or public car-parks in residential areas or in zones of high passage intensity.
Easy to install, they come complete with a full range of assembly accessories such as various-section bars, lamps, racks, fixed supports.
They do not require any preparation and - when added to with the appropriate safety accessories - comply with the requirements of modern system engineering

G6000 - for openings up to 6m

Download Systems Manual G6000 Click Here

The G6000 models are suitable for industrial and high-intensity use passages. As in the other versions, the CAME automatic barriers are very carefully designed to ensure utmost reliability and specialist features suitable for the application context. The low-voltage operators and assembly structure make these products the ideal solution for controlling work passage areas or applications where fast, safe automation is necessary, for large passageways.

The main characteristics of the GARD Series are:
SELF PROGRAMMING of the radio code between transmitter and receiver.
AUTOMATIC CLOSURE: this intervenes automatically after the pre-set time (regulated on the dedicated trimmer).
AMPEROMETRIC DEVICE for obstacle detection (24V version).
• “Maintained Action” COMMAND: provides for holding the pushbutton to obtain gate movement.
IMMEDIATE CLOSURE if obstacle detected (24V version).
• “SLAVE” function: allows connection of paired barriers (24V version).

The main features of the GARD Series are:
SELF-LEARNING of the radio code between transmitter and receiver.
AUTOMATIC CLOSURE: operates after the pre-set time on the dedicated trimmer.
OBSTACLE DETECTION WITH MOTOR OFF: this function allows the photocells to stop the barrier moving if they detect an obstacle, even with the motor off.
AMPEROMETRIC DEVICE for obstacle detection to achieve maximum (adjustable) sensitivity in the event of contact with foreign bodies.
“MAN PRESENT” CONTROL: means the pushbutton must be kept down for the gate to move.
SLOW DOWN DURING OPENING AND CLOSING to make the bar stop smoothly.
IMMEDIATE CLOSURE IN THE EVENT OF OBSTACLE DETECTION to obtain maximum operation safety. The automation immediately sends the bar into reverse in the event of contact with an obstacle.
SAFETY ACCESSORIES CONNECTION for system integration with all the devices provided for by current automation standards.
MANOEUVRE SPEED ADJUSTMENT for adapting to effective passage requirements and achieving greatest system movement reliability.
“SLAVE” FUNCTION: for connecting two barriers.


• INTEGRATION AND MODULARITY: photoelectric cells and command selectors are integrated with the automation, in perfect visual harmony.
• EXCLUSIVE INCORPORATED FLASHING LAMP with a lighted LED diffuser. Combines design and modern lighting technology of illumination.
• COMMAND ELECTRONICS positioned in a way to make any type of intervention particularly practical.
• ANTI-SHEARING SECURITY mechanism in the point where the bar rotates.
• SELF-MEMORIZATION of the radio code between the transmitter and the radio receiver.
• ROUND TUBULAR BAR: for maximum reduction of the “sail” effect.
• SAFETY LIGHTS: an electronic contact cuts off the illumination voltage once the inspection door is opened.
• ENCODER: for the electronic control of the movement in the version with a 230V motor.
• SPRING WITH DIFFERENTIATED SENSITIVITY: For supreme balancing of the shafts.

CAME GARD G2500 , G4000 G6000 barrier gate system. The CAME automatic barrier system G-2500: Fast road barrier specifically designed for control of passenger way up to 2.5 metres wide. The barrier requires only 2 seconds to open, thus providing rapid access.

Function include the following:

* Electromechanical gear motor: does not need periodic maintenance.

* Not-reversible gear motor: die-cast all aluminum structure.

* Powerful: designed to operate in especially heavy-duty cycles.

* Self-locking: maximum security by keeping gate closed.

* Key release mechanism: lock is interchangeable and compatible with other CAME appliances.

Possibility to release the motor from outside by means of a handle and cable.

Speed adjustment and deceleration adjustment in opening and closure; intensive use, possibility of battery back-up, obstacle detection: all these are characteristics by a DC. 24V automatic system.


Download G2500,G4000 & G6000 Brochure Click Here

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