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Panic Alarm Alert System c/w CCTV integration

Panic Button System (Wired and Wireless Long Range)


DURESS CONTROL SYSTEM [SLE-DS-A1019UK]                WIRELESS CONTROL SYSTEM               3G Network Control Interface                 Panic Button System

All Image is illustration only. The Final System designed may vary from the image shown.


                                                                                                                                              APPROVED BY IMDA SINGAPORE

                                                                                                                                         Registration number: S0231-17




This system is specially custom designed and built by Securitex for ports and checkpoints to better manage their facilities in the event of emergencies. This emergency can be accident at site, intrusion or even man power issue at site. The system is designed to allow all the site operators to be able to call for assistant when they need. The system when activated will be monitored in a fully man control centre or centers where the remote site activities will be monitored and assistant can be deployed immediately. In some critical infrastructure where the site direct control system like. gates/ barriers/ bollard or raise bollard and cat claws need to be activated immediately when emergencies happen, this too can be integrated to Securitex Systems where this system activated automatically when a certain critical infrastructure has been compromised. Our system is also able to be integrated to 3rd party Traffic Management Systems (TMS) to automatically change the TMS operation when the Duress / Panic button is depress. As our system is modular or can be portable when designed, this system has a capabilities to be a standalone system or system that can controls thousands of site. As for control distance there are actually no limitation be is 1 meter to thousand of KM or even cross borders all depends on the requirements. The system can be hardwired, fiber optics. Local Area Networks or even on 3, 4, 5G networks. For more on this system feel free to contact us at or whatsapps to 90213896 to discuss on this.


Securitex Wireless & 3G Duress Localized Emergency System

What is a Securitex Duress Alarm?

What is a Duress Alarm System (also known as Panic Button System) some people may ask.

A duress alarm system is sometime also call a Emergency Panic Alarm (EPA) button, Emergency Wireless Panic (EWP) button system or Wireless Duress Alarm (WDA) system.

Why is Securitex Duress Alarm System needed?

These system are designed and installed to protect workers and companies staff from harassment, assault and any hazard that can result in verbally attack, bodily , physical injury and in extreme case death from attack. Its also use by staff working alone and need to be monitored when they need assistant due to sudden sickness or injury when working alone.

Where will this system usually installed and deployed?

These system are commonly installed in area where service staff come in contact with public. example Hospital, Counseling Room, Tax offices. Check point, Banks cashier and Mediation center etc where there is a possibility that violent behavior can suddenly erupted toward the employees or the publics.

It is also install in area that staff may be working alone and need to be monitored from a remote location in the event he / she need help.

Can this system be install at home or elder care centers?

In homes and elder care centers Duress Alarms are use to protect elderly or medically unfit persons at risk of falls or medical problems this elderly can then use the panic button to call for helps.

Is the transmitter water resistant?

We carry waterproof and normal type of transmitter for the system.

Can the system use the user mobile phones to operate or activate the system?

Yes we do customization of the system to accept command from user mobile phone.

Can user use apps to control the system?

Yes we do customization to allow the system to accept operation from a specially designed apps.

Can user operate this system from a vehicle or worksite where there is no power source?

Yes the system can operate from its built in battery or from the vehicle battery.

Can user use this system to activate devices at a preset time or any time they need. Like example to activate the CCTV to record etc.?

Yes the system can do this as our customized Panic system have built in feature to integrated to 3rd party equipment.

Is Securitex Duress Systems Designed and Manufactured in house?

Securitex Wireless Technologies Division, designed and built all type of Duress Alarm system locally in Singapore using imported parts and wireless modules from USA. United Kingdom. GERMANY and many parts of the world. We also do engage 3rd party to designed and built such system for us. From a Simple Pull Cord system to an emergency push button, to RF wireless system to even 3G / 4G / 5G and 6G network SMS system etc. As this systems are designed and built in house, we are able to meet client all kind of request and needs. When system is use in Singapore customer site they will be able to have first hand view of the system before they procure as we can design and built the system for Proof Of Concept (POC) before full scale implementation.

What is the advantage of the 3G / 4G / 5G and 6G Duress Alarm system compare to a standalone system?

Our latest 3G / 4G /5G and 6G system delivers extra feature (Optional) that can allows the monitoring officer to pin point the location of the distress person, we can sent the distress signal over a very large area and even cross boarder and country. We are able to integrate the system to specially designed Duress Call Display Panel etc. With the 3G / 4G system we are able to sent the distress signal via specially preconfigured SMS (Short Message Sent) to numerous monitoring station and officers. The 3G / 4G / 5G and 6G system can also activate emergency rescue equipment to contained the situation before help arrived.

Do Securitex built Explosion Proof / ATEX or intrinsically safe Duress Systems?

Yes we do such system with our overseas partners specializing in Explosion Proof equipments.

Can Securitex Design and built multi-location or multi room panic button system c/w wired / wireless and 3G / 4G /5G and 6G capability?

Yes we can design and built such system for institution that need such feature. Usually we will built industrial grade Indication and audible alarm system into a control panel. This Panel will have Wired / Wireless and 3G / 4G /5G and 6G feature built in. Systems will be supplied with Wired Panic Button. Wireless wall mount Panic / Duress Button. Portable wrist or pendant type wireless panic button transmitter. For 3G / 4G /5G and 6G version control panel we will also provide apps to activate the control panel from the user mobile phone.

Can Securitex Designed and built hard wired or fiber optic Duress system?

Yes we can designed and built hardwired or fiber optic system with the capabilities of the wireless or hybrid system. Just feel free to contact or whatsapps 90213896 to us your requirements.




The Securitex Localized Emergency Duress System is designed for use in counseling room (CR) or interrogation room application to alert the staff outside the CR that the Counseling or interrogator Officer is having trouble in the room. The Counseling officer just need to press a remote control to activate the system outside. The Transmitter (LPT) LCP0433 TX is supplied with a 12Vdc battery which only need to be replaced every 18 months (depend on the usage level) The transmitter incorporates a power saver function that prevents the battery from discharging accidentally. LED indicator lights up whenever the control is activated. This transmitter together with the SLE-DS-A1019UK system form a localized emergency duress system that allows fast deployment to the premises that need to activate siren when there is emergency arises.


3G Network Control Interface Integration

With the 3G network Interface to the SLE-DS-A1019UK we are able to further improve the system that it can be integrated to the mobile phone to receive message status of the activation and also to operate the Duress system using the mobile phone and special pre-designed apps on IOS and Android. The 3G Network Control Interface is IMDA type approved, this system can be use in Singapore anytime and anywhere.

Wide coverage of 3G networks and the provision of GPRS connectivity have made it possible to interconnect systems wirelessly. SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG exploits the benefits of this wireless technology and gives you control of your remote units from any part of this World. All-in-all SECURITEX SRTU5025W-IG is an advanced, effective and economical solution for fulfilling the needs of remote monitoring and control applications.




3G Band 900/2100MHz default

850/1900MHz *

850/2100MHz *


3G-WCDMA-900/2100Mhz UMTS

Digital Input: 2 NC/NO dry contact

Digital Output: 1 Relay, 3A/240VAC, 5A/24V DC

Siren Output: 12VDC/1A

DC Power supply: 9~24VDC/2A

Power consumption:  12V input Max. 50mA/Average 25mA

SIM Card:  Support 3V SIM Card

Antenna:  50 Ω SMA Antenna interface

Temperature range:  -20~+60 °C

Humidity range:  Relative humidity 90%

Backup battery (Built-in):  3.7V/900mAH

Authorized user:  Up to 999 authorized phone numbers can be configured at the specified time for access control and some customization usage.

No Call Charge:  No call charges. Reject calls from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring‘.

Secured: Using Caller-ID for verification, unknown phone calls are ignored.

SMS confirmation: SMS confirmation of relay actions (door open) to the owner or authorized caller number.

Logging: Up to 1000 events log, download the operation historical data by USB or over GPRS.

Transmitter unit

The Button Slider Cover also prevent the button from accidentally depress.
The Securitex Receiver LCP0433 RX unit c/w 2 built-in relay which can be connected to 2 access door and control or gate independently from the 2 channels transmitter button 1 & 2 the receiver operate off a 12VDC or 24VAC power supply. The receiver is 2 channels version and the type of contact (N.O). N.B. The remote controls and receiver are supplied with dipswitches


The programming of the transmitter to the receiver is by synchronized the transmitter and receiver dipswitches accordingly. Securitex Remote control (LPT) LCP0433 TX-RX

Installation instruction
Red + (12V DC or AC 24V)
Black - (0V)
Brown Channel 1 (Transmitter Button 1)
Gray Channel 2 (Transmitter Button 2)
White COM

Blue Antenna
Frequency band : 433.05-434.79MHz REG: N2419-15


Model Number: LCP0433 TX-RX-N2342-15

Power supply (Receiver): 12Vdc /24Vac

Power supply (Transmitter): 12Vdc

Transmitter size: 57mmX33mmX15mm

Receiver size: 115mmX82mmX30mm

Power Consumption during transmission: 17mA Selectable channels 2

Possible combinations: Approx. 1024

Range under ideal conditions: 50 meter

Receiver Relay contact: 120V-10A 240V-7A

Operating temperature: -20÷+50°C

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Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering can designed and built Duress / Emergency / Lone worker / Dead Man Alarm & Man Down system etc control and announcement panel for use on monitoring of 1 user to hundreds of user. This Control Panel are usually install in Manned Control Room to monitor all the lone worker or user that may be in harm way in their cause of work. We are able to designed and custom made system that uses 3rd party Smart phone Apps install in their smart phones to communicate with this Control Panel.

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