The only door phone that integrate to all PABX and Key phone system


Model: SEPS 01A

The Securitex E Phone Solo provides the latest in convenient door communications for any single residential or commercial intercom application. Using the Securitex E Phone Solo is easy. When you hear the distinctive ring you simply pick up any phone and you are automatically connected to the door. The unit is compatible with cordless phones to allow you to answer the door from anywhere in your house or even outside.

The Securitex E Phone Solo comes with built-in call waiting to allow you to answer the door and return to an outside call. A second door station release can also be connected to the control unit if desired. If you want to turn off the Enterphone Solo for any reason you simply unplug the controller. If someone knocks at the door, instead of pressing the button, you can still communicate by picking up any phone and calling into the door station.


Whole House Paging
Using the Securitex E Phone Solo second door station port can expand the system to include paging functions. For example, a station mounted in the kitchen can be used to page the phones in other rooms. Up to four stations can be mounted throughout the house to be used this way.

Open Doors or Gates at the Touch of a Button
If you have an electric lock or gate you can use the optional activator to press the * button on your phone to let your visitor in. You can also call into the Securitex E Phone Solo to open the gate even when not using the intercom.

Easy to Install
The Securitex E Phone Solo requires only two wires for installation, making an upgrade from an existing doorbell extremely simple. Developers have the option of pre-wiring for a doorbell but using the same wires for owners who would prefer the Securitex E Phone Solo.


PABX and Keyphone system integration

The Securitex E Phone Solo is probably the only door station that integrates seamlessly with all kind and types of Keyphone’s and PABX system like Nortel, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips Etc.  

Door Station                         : 3 6/8"w x 5 1/8"h x 1"d
Controller                              : 5 6/8"w x 3 7/8"h x 1 6/8"d
Door Release Controller      : 4 7/8"w x 3 1/8"h x 1 2/8"d
Power                                     : 230V AC plug-in
Wire Requirements            : 18 gauge LVT 2 conductor
Part Numbers:
421-100 - Door Station (c/w housing)
421-200 - Controller
421-300 - Door Release Controller
421-500 - Door Station & Controller


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