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 I-Key RX Long Range 6 Pin Receiver                            I-Key Transmitter


The I-Key RX Long Range 6 Pin Receiver is an Intelligent I-Key receiver that is design to be plug into a standard automatic gate or car park barrier controller that has a 6 pin plug in port. This receiver act as standard auto-gate remote control system but with an additional Security Feature added to the system. These system is very useful to be installed in Military, Airport, Seaport, Oil & Gas Installation and any facilities that required very high security remote control where secured authenticated access control is needed. Use together with the I-Key Transmitter, the user can even use the transmitter as a normal ID tag on the facilities access control system. Thus every movement within the facilities can be log in.


Overview of i-key

i-Key pendants provide a safe and simple way to control access to any facility. When a button on the pendant is pressed the unique pendant number and site code are sent securely via Radio Frequency to the receiver to be decoded. Once decoded the code is transferred to an access system via the industry standard Wiegand protocol. I-Key is the smart and simple way to control access to your secure areas such as boom gates, rising barriers and doors. Cutting edge technology allows I-Key to enter multiple facilities with just one key. Use I-Key and your secure access could not be simpler! Void and Validate an I-Key pendant in your access control system just like a proximity card. I-Key receiver connects to an access control system just like a reader.

Enhanced Versatility

Combine the convenience of long range access control with the simplicity of close range proximity readers with i-Key pendants. I-Key supports reader technologies such as HID, Indala, EM and Keri proximity along with Mifare, iCLASS and Tecom smartcard technology to work just like a proximity card.

Advanced Security

i-Key technology provides an added layer of security to your access control system over and above the standard Wiegand format. As i-Key pendant and receiver are encoded with a unique customer code, so card information only gets to the access control system when customer codes match. The result of this is an extremely secure system, reducing the risks of compromised data or duplicate pendants being passed to the access control system which can be common place on less secure technologies. Ultra high security can be provided by combining i-Key with a custom facility/site format for a customer.

Gate Operation

The i-Key 6 PIN receiver has been designed to connect to a standard gate motor drive control. The i-Key pendants can be learnt into each 6 PIN receiver (Up to 250 users) to allow the user to operate the gate from the safety of a vehicle. i-Key technology is also incorporated into the 6 PIN receiver.


i-Key technology. Receivers and pendants require matching customer codes to function. The customer code reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated pendants.

Easily Interfaced

The i-Key receiverís dual channel Wiegand output easily interfaces with most access control panels. The receiver outputs standard Wiegand format data from the pendant and will output data as encoded.


Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months after invoice date.

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i-Key TX Pendant  I-Key System Click Here
Frequency 433.92MHz  
Buttons 1 Dimpled, 1Normal

 Download I-key Catalogue

Status Red LED  
Battery 12V/23A  Download 6 Pin Receiver Brochure
RF Compatible HID, Indala, EM, Keri,  
iCLASS, Mifare, Tecom  Download 6 Pin Installation Manual
Casing ABS  
Colour Black  
Weight 22g  
Dimensions (mm) 54(L)x38(W)x15(D)  


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