Securitex Industrial Wheel Chock



Securitex Wheel Chock Model: WC-160 & WC-230 

Securitex wheel chock is a block of rubber in a wedge shape that is put under wheels or a heavy object to prevent it from moving. This are use mainly on vehicle wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling forward or backward.




Molded Natural Rubber For Heavy duty and Durability

Economical & Practicability

Caters for heavy trucks/ trailers/ buses/ Military 3 - 5 ton vehicle / Ambulance / Cars / even Helicopters and Aircraft Tires.

Integral Eye Bolt with Stainless Steel Chain (Optional)

Stainless Steel U-bolt Carry Handle

Model: SECURITEX WC-160 (Small)

Size : 95mm (W) X 210mm (L) X 160mm (H)

Weigh : 1000gm

Model: SECURITEX WC-230 (Big)

Size : 140mm (W) X 280mm (L) X 230mm (H)

Weight : 3000gm

Warning Note:      Wheels chock intended use is to wedge the wheel so that it will not roll over. It is not to be drive over the chock. All driver must still maintain their hand brake in good working order and must ensure that the hand brakes are applied at all time not only on slop but on flat road surface as well. Owner who purchase the chock are responsible to ensure that the wheel chock fit their intended application.

Wheel Chocks:        Wheels chock has to be replaced once it shows signed of crack or deterioration. Depend on the frequency of Use and the surface and how its use, this wheel chock can last for years if well maintain. Never drive over the wheel chock. (When wheel chock has been driven over it have to be change, wheel chock are not made from soft rubber but rather itís on solid hard rubber)

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