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PD804SM Strong Magnetic Detacher

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PD805 Standard Detacher

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Securitex / Promatic  PDS3210

(Electronic Article Surveillance system) Division




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PDS3210B serials of Digital Intelligent Sensor

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210 Electronic Article Surveillance System is designed and manufactured by a team of highly trained electronic engineers in the field of security engineering. The system uses the Radio Frequency technology to tags all merchandise thus allow the merchant with the ability to prevent unpaid item from leaving the store without notice. The PSD3210 while prevent commodities from being stolen effective at the same time it can help to built relationship between customers and store owner. This system is designed to suits all kinds of retail sites, such as supermarkets, AV stores, clothing stores, bookstores, library, drug stores, game arcade and any establishment that have an open shelf business concept etc. This system can also be used to tags on elderly in homes and children in child care centre. The Securitex/Promatic EAS system was manufactured under the ISO9000 standard and carries the CE certification as well.

The PDS3210 system c/w the following advantages:

- High sensitivity & very low false alarm rate as the system adopted the 2nd generation DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology.
- Anti-disturbance from metal handcart, handís touch and it can also be installed on gate with metal baffle
- It adopts filter technology and decrease noise circuit technology.
- Two kinds of alarm tone---quick and slow, it also has three kinds of volume---high, medium and low for you to choose  according to  your needs and the environment noise level.
- It is also very convenient to install and calibrate.
- Performance is unique and novelty. The design is very pleasing to the surrounding as the unit is manufactured from metal structure thus it is very rugged, reliable and highly durable.

Securitex  PDS3210

How does EAS work.

Electronic Article Surveillance system (EAS) is a kind of electronic anti-shoplifting system that can decrease shoplifting when retail enterprise implement open-shelf sale this in-return increase sales and profit. EAS system consists of electronic sensors (transmitter and receiver), deactivator system and label or tag. Electronic sensor that are located at store exit and entrance transmitter (TX) will send a unique RF signal at certain frequencies to a receiver (RX) which creates a "RF surveillance zone" around the store exit/entrance. When a product with an active label or hard tag is moved past a this sensor surveillance area,  the sensor will detect this tags and sets off an alarm. Radio Frequency (RF) is the most popular and common technology in today EAS system, it adopts Radio Frequency as Transmit and Receive signal, the detection frequency ranges from 7.x~8.xMHz. The advantage of RF EAS system is cost effective.

Intelligent Digital Identification Technology.

PDS3210 series of digital RF sensor using AD transform technology sampling the simulative signal high-speed, prosecuting computerized signal intelligent identification (CSDM) label under noisy background. It is different from the simple parametric technology that it only identifies the spectrum and the functionary periods of label signal. At the same time, it increase filter and decrease noise circuit in these new technology compared with traditional EAS system. With this new technology implemented in PDS3210 sensors it increase the sensitivity but prevent low and false alarm at the same time.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-LCH system  for library environment and clubhouse equipment monitoring.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-LCH is designed to track the movement of books and media from leaving the library and club-houses without proper registration and accountability.   

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-SDVR system integration with Digital Video recording system.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-SDVR has an added advantages above the competitors system is because our system are also design to integrate seamlessly with the store CCTV surveillance system, Thus when the EAS system detected an unpaid item is taken out of the store, the store digital video recording system will starts to record the images of the entrances and exit. This images can be later view to narrow down the suspect.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-EC system used in the field of elderly cared patient in homes.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-EC can also be use in the field of human movement monitoring application. In serve cases of senile dementia patients, normally they will wonders of the premises without the staff and doctors noticing them. At Securitex our system will be able to alert the respective doctors, nurses or caregivers when this patients wonder of the premises. The system will be able to sent out a signal to the caregivers and corrective action can be taken before this patient wonders off and get lost.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-CC system used in the child care environment.

Securitex/Promatic PDS3210-CC can also be use in the child care centre to monitor the movement of the children within the centre. Many time children get lost when they wonder off the premises without the teachers and attendance noticing them. At Securitex our system will be able to alert the respective centers attendance when this children play nears the doors or when strangers try to bring the child out of the centre . The system will be able to sent out a signal to the caregivers and corrective action can be taken before this child wonders off and get lost.            

Digital Intelligent Radio Frequency Sensor 
System design and specification
The PD3210 is designed to fits into all kinds of store environment perfectly. It has two kind of color (black, orange vein and silver gray other colour can be produce as well).

Technological parameter and specifications

Bandwidth 7.7-8.7Mhz
Scan frequency 162, 171, 180 and 189Hz (optional frequencies can be request as well)
Signal Sampling rate 21.8us
Inspection distance soft label 1.2 meters and Hard tag 1.5 meters
Detect speed 0m/s
Optional Frequency 8.2Mhz and 10.5Mhz
Alarm Volume High, Medium, Low (Can be adjusted)
Alarm Tone Quick and slow (Can be adjusted)
Dimension 1650X304X85 (mm)
Optional Colour Black Orange Vein and Silver gray


Hard Tag Detacher
PD805 Detacher
The surface magnetic intensity is >=4500Gs
Nd iron boron material of strong magnetic power is used on the detacher magnetic core and is suitable to be use to detach all kinds of hard tags, CD/cassette protector, bottle/cigarette protector and so on...
Advantage: The advantages of this detacher is that the surrounding magnetic field produce from this Detacher is very weak and it won't influent the performance of the surrounding equipment such as credit card, barcode reader, POS machine etc....

Standard Detacher




PD804                PD805                  PD805A            PD805B

Strong Magnetic detacher


      PD806                PD804                    PD804              PD804C           PD801 Detacher Key

Soft label (detection range up to 1.2 meters)
Securitex/Promatic can provide all kinds of EAS soft label that can be stick to the surface of merchandise that needs to be protected. It can also be put together with the packaging material of merchandise so it can protect merchandise conveniently.

Hard Tag on merchandised                          Soft-tag and label                                    Hard Tag on laptop

Hard tag (detection range up to 1.5 metre)
Securitex/Promatic also provides many kinds of hard tags for repetitive use and need to use special detacher to detach it from the  merchandise.

                     PT310 48mm       PT311 62mm         PT311 46mm            PT314 49X43mm        PT316 42mm          PT317 42mm        PT318 65mm     

                  PT350 50mm        PT351 50mm         PT355 48X65mm         PT352 57X70mm      PT356 65mm       PT701 Lanyard (work with hard tag)


What are CD and DVD safer?

                          CD Holder with tag      Handheld detector (body search)                   Cigarette Protector     

CD. DVD. Software DVD are stolen in thousand around the world everyday. There are no way to stop this theft unless the merchandise are place in a special container we call then CD safer or DVR safer or CD holder or DVR holder. This Safer / holder has a special locking mechanism to prevent the software of Video Disc from been remove from the safer / holder, a special detacher will be use to unlock this safer / holder. There are built-in tag that if not deactivated when this safer / holder move near or pass the Electronic Article Surveillance Gantry, the gantry will activate the siren to alert the shop holder.

CD Safer
Product Name Securitex Promatic One CD Safer
Raw Materials ABS material
Frequency 8.2MHz / 58KHz
Plastic Color Clear
Unit Dimensions External: 155 x 150.4 x 25mm
Internal: 130 x 144 x 22mm
Lock Magnetic Locking

DVD Safer

Product Name Securitex Promatic One DVD Safer
Raw Materials ABS material
Frequency 8.2MHz / 58KHz
Plastic Color Clear
Unit Dimensions External: 220 x 150 x 25mm
Internal: 190 x 144 x 24mm
Lock Magnetic Locking

Patent number in China: ZL 002 28129.5        Copyright number of Software: 2001SR4663

To contact our sales and technical department please call 67852171 or email:

Download EAS system catalogue for management presentation Page 1 & Page 2 & EAS catalogue

Note to all retailer: We welcome retailer and business owner who want to implement the EAS system but do not have much knowledge on this system. You can contact us at 67852171 or email us at our technical sales personnel will be available to assist you in this area. Feel free to contact us even if it is for a single exit store request.



RIGOL DS5042M Digital Oscilloscope

For Securitex EAS system calibration and check we used the latest Rigol Digital Oscilloscopes to ensure all system supplied by us are properly tune to the manufacturer specification.

DS5000M series Digital Oscilloscopes

DS5000M series Digital Oscilloscopes are another new products with outstanding performance we developed recently. It uses MONO LCD display and has 25MHz, 40MHz、60MHz,100MHz,150MHz Bandwidths for customers to choose. At the same time, it meets the different requirements of the customers.

DS5000M has all features and performances of DS5000MA series. The main difference between them is Real-time Sample Rate of DS5000M is 250Msa/s.



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PT310 Hard Tag diameter 48mm

PT311 Hard Tag diameter 62mm

PT313 Hard Tag diameter 46mm

PT314 Hard Tag 49 X 43mm

PT317 Hard Tag Diameter 42mm

PT352 Hard Tag 57 X 70mm

PT355 Hard Tag 48 X 65mm

PT356 Hard Tag diameter 65mm

PT701 Lanyard

PT330A Bottle hard tag

Soft Label



PT1000 Handhold detector

Custom soft-tag