Securitex-Schedule-alarm-102-(Schedule Alarm Bell / Siren System)

(Industrial Application)

3G Mobile Activation Schedule-alarm-102 (Available)






SECURITEX-Schedule-Alarm-102 is a fully automatic industrial break time alarm system that is used to solve the common daily problem of manually ringing alarm. The system operates automatically on time every time or when required for TEA-BREAK or LUNCH BREAK etc. Unlike other SIREN Systems on the market, SECURITEX-SCHEDULE-ALARM-102 is a fully custom developed ALARM System specifically designed for automating the factory, office and school. From the most basic schedules to the most complex. Different time schedule can be implemented in minutes and schedule changes in seconds. SECURITEX-SCHEDULE-ALARM-102 has a unique TIMER SETUP that's based around a clear and easy to follow schedule setup just by pressing a few button on the CLOCK module. Whether your factory operates a manual system, audio based, industrial electronic timer or is controlled by your Alarm companies, SECURITEX-SCHEDULE-ALARM-102 beats them all with accuracy, functionality, ease of setup, flexibility and running costs. The best part of this system is that the designed is standalone, portable and only need to have a 230VAC 13amp power mains to operate from. Its built-in power supply and rechargeable battery ensure that even when the main power trip the system will still function. The system without the main AC power source can operate for more than 5 days. Because it is mobile in nature, the system can be carry around to be use in construction site, factory, manufacturing yard, fabrication facilities and open space where large group of workers break time need to be announce.



OFFICE APPLICATION. For Office application The SECURITEX-Schedule-Alarm-102 can be use in a large office environment as we can customized the system to play chime or music or even activate the MP3, DVR player and even activate Public address system.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION. Industrial application In the industrial factory, shipyard, refinery, oil and gas premises the system can be integrated to the facilities announcement system, plant siren system and emergency activation system where the system can be manually trigger to activate the facilities siren system.

CONSTRUCTION SITE APPLICATION. Construction site application In large scale construction site the system can be installed to activate emergency siren within the construction site during emergency situation.

CUSTOMIZED APPLICATION. Customized for special application This system can also be reconfigured to become an emergency siren system where in an emergency on the site an external non-schedule activation can be executed by using a remote control or 3G via SMS. When activation occurred emergency light can be switch on via remote from the SECURITEX-Schedule-Alarm-102.

Feel Free to contact us if your side need special application on the system.



When SECURITEX-Schedule-Alarm-102 (Master) is to be deploy over a very large area. There is also the Sub Siren System that can be cascade to the master unit. Up to 10 or more such Sub siren system can be incorporated. All sub siren use it independent power supply to power the system thus the sub siren unit can be place very far away from the master siren unit.



In the event this system is to be deployed over say 2KM to 20-40KM between the Master and the Sub-Siren. Multi-mode transceiver (up to 2km) or Single-mode (up to 20-40KM) Fibre optic transceiver can be used.



Programming of Schedule and system training

Administrator can easily program the timer schedule with one time site training is also provided.

All system will be pre-programmed before deliver to site and training will be provided.


AC operation or Battery operation

The system can be operated using AC power for continuous operation or Battery operated for site operation that do not have AC power. Both ways it work excellently well.


Independent Power Supply

The above system uses independent power supply for the Schedule Controller and the Sounder Unit. Both this PSU also c/w rechargeable battery to power the system when there is no AC supply. When the  SECURITEX-Schedule-Alarm-102  is connected to AC supply, the system is in full operation and at the same time the battery is charge.


Metal Enclosure c/w Lock and Key

To ensure that the system electronic cannot be tamper with, the system is house in a metal enclosure c/w lock and key.


High Intensity Siren / Bell Unit

The system sounder can be fitted with high intensity motor siren or bell unit. (Please specify when ordering)


Integration to Site Paging System and Easy to Install just plug and use

The system can also be integrated to the client paging system to activate the paging announcement.

(Image for illustration only)

Systems very easy to install just plug and use.


Site Sound Test

We will carry out Site Sound test before the actual purchase by client.

(Image for illustration only) Sound test will be conducted at site before any purchase.


IP rated system

If the system is to be operated in a high humidity or subject to weather and harsh element, we can built the system using IP rated enclosure to allow the system to be install OUTDOOR.


3G Mobile Activation Securitex-Schedule-Alarm-102 System.

For company that have overseas branch when there head quarter is in another country and will like the workers break time to be synchronized Securitex do have the 3G mobile activate the alarm system, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail.


For the 3G Mobile Activation Securitex-Schedule-Alarm-102 system use in Singapore, we do have the IMDA type approved



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