Securitex industrial CCTV service and maintenance division


Securitex Industrial CCTV division

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering been in the CCTV surveillance business for more than 25 years and mostly taking care of industrial CCTV system that was installed in Refinery, Oil & Gas facilities, Pharmaceutical Plant, Power Plant, Tank storage facilities. Chemical Storage facilities. Warehouses, Marine Vessel etc. With more than 25 years working on system like Pelco, Baxall, Ernitec, Denard, BBV, MAD, Dedicated micros, Philips, Burle, Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Techwin and Samsung etc, we  has started a CCTV equipment test facilities to assist the industrial CCTV clients to troubleshoot and test their CCTV equipment that they suspected to be faulty.


One of our strong point is in handling old, obsolete system. We also have testing equipment that we use for troubleshooting and testing of this equipment to ascertain the fault before recommending repair. The above mention brands of system has been in the security market for more than 25 years and due to these system were manufactured for industrial application thus they are very robust and extremely reliable, as such after more that 20 years some of this systems were still in use around the world,  but problem are that with age and wear & tear set in this equipment will need some form of repair and service.


Service and Support

With all electronic and mechanical system at some point of time the system will need some form of service and maintenance but with technological advances the old system gets obsolete faster and support for such system become more difficult as the system aged.


What Securitex can do in such case?

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering CCTV equipment test center can carryout out the following:


Check and test existing CCTV equipment fault like


Matrix system.


Digital Video Recorder

Time Lapse Recorder

Multiplexer (Monochrome B/W and Colour)

CRT "Cathode Ray Tube" Monitor Colour / B/W

Automatic Video Sequential Switcher

Quad Processor (Black & White and Colour)


Telemetry Receiver AC & DC type

Fiber Optic Transceiver

Optical Zoom Lens

Twisted Pair Transceiver

Pan & Tilt Head- AC & DC Type. Etc.


What brand can Securitex support ?

We can do the following brands.


Pelco. Baxall. Ernitec. Panasonic. Sanyo and Samsung, Dedicated Micro, Sony, For other brands system, customer can also sent in to us for evaluation.


What happen if the brand we have is not carry in your list?

If the brand your site is using is not in our list, you can still email the brand to give us the brand, model and year of installation. We will then let you know if you can sent them to us for evaluation.


 Pelco CCTV Equipment  Baxall CCTV Equipment-USED  Ernitec CCTV Equipment-USED
 Model Number


 Description  Model Number


 Description  Model Number STOCK  Description
 CM6700-MXB YES  Microprocessor based switcher and controller 16X2/4  ZR3 & ZR4 YES  Telemetry Receiver  EVT230 YES  Twisted Pair Video Transmitter Board
 CM6800-32X6 YES  Matrix Switcher  ZKX2/K    Baxall Keyboard w/o Joy stick to Control ZTX6  EVR230 YES  Twisted Paid Video Receiver Board
 ERD97P21-U YES  Pan/Tilt Receiver  ZR3/PCB      RVU300 YES  Board Cage Rack
 KBD300A YES  Keyboard  ZTX3          
 PT570-24 YES  Medium Duty Pan / Tilt  ZKX2/J YES  Baxall Keyboard c/w Joy stick to Control ZTX6  BVT275 YES  Multimode Fiber transmitter
 PT1260 EX YES  Ex-proof Heavy Duty Pan-Tilt  ZR3M/WBX      BVR275 YES  Multimode Fiber Receiver (C/w Box)
 CC3701H    Digital CCD colour Camera  ZTX4 YES    EVR275 YES  Multimode Fiber Receiver (Euro board install on RVU200 rack)
 ERD2200    Outdoor Receiver (Coaxitron)  ZKX3/K      ECX275    
 IRD2024    Indoor Receiver (Coaxitron)  ZR3M/24WBX YES        
 EHX6E    Explosion-proof outdoor enclosure  ZTX5      BDR-510/2 & BDR514/2 YES Telemetry Receiver
 SSEHX4E YES  Sun shroud for EHX4E Only  ZKX3/J          
 RK5PWR-120    Insert Power supply  ZR4M/PCB YES    Matrix System M500    Ernitec Matrix Systems "Standalone"


   Power Supply rack  ZTX6/8M2    Telemetry Transmitter 8 camera 2 monitor  Matrix System M1000 YES  Ernitec Matrix Systems " Large Standalone" c/w  decentralized
 MPTAZ24DT YES  Pan/ Tilt and Scanner Control  ZKX72/J          
 ESPRIT YES  Pelco Pan/Tilt Zoom c/w Camera  ZR4M/WBX  MPT-1/10H (230VAC Type) YES  Medium Duty Pan/Tilt 230VAC Type
       ZTX6/16M4 YES  Telemetry Transmitter 16 camera 4 monitor      
       ZKX73/J      Q6Z20SA YES  Ernitec Motorised Z-lens C/S 1/3" 5.6-112mm F1.6
       ZR4M/24WBX    Telemetry Receiver in Box      
       ZTX6/32/M8 YES  Telemetry Transmitter 32 camera 8 monitor  CHN-350 YES  Ernitec Camera Housing-CHN-350 c/w Sun Shield-CHN-350M
       ZR4M/TOUR    Telemetry Receiver      
       ZTX7/16M4    Telemetry Transmitter 16 camera 4 monitor (new version)      
       ZRM/EXP    Telemetry Receiver      
       ZTX7/32M8    Telemetry Transmitter 32 camera 4 monitor (new version)      
       ZR-DC-PCB    DC Receiver w/o Box      
       HB-ZR-DC-WBX     DC Receiver c/w Weatherproof Box       
       HB-ZT-TP-1    Coaxial to 20mA Current Loop Converter      
       ZT-TPMK2    Coaxial to 20mA Current Loop Converter      


 Panasonic CCTV Equipment-USED  Sanyo CCTV Equipment-USED  Samsung CCTV Equipment
 Model Number  Description  Model Number  Description  Model Number  Description
 WV-CL920    VCC-4374P  Sanyo Colour CCD Day/Night High Res Low lux Camera  SDC415P  Samsung Box colour Camera
 WV-CW860    VCC-6572P  Sanyo Colour CCD camera  SDZ-370P  Samsung Colour Camera c/w Integrated 37X Optical Zoom
 GP-MF602    VCB-3312P  Black and white CCD camera    
 GP-MF622      A lot of Sanyo CCTV equipment is also obsolete Click here    
 More Obsolete Model  Obsolete Panasonic Camera Systems        
 WV-CM1000  Panasonic 9" Black & White CRT monitor        
 WV-CM1020  Panasonic 9" CRT colour monitor        
 WV-CM1420  Panasonic 14" CRT colour monitor        
 WV-7260D  National Pan / Tilt        
 WV-CU161  National System Controller        
 WV-RC150  National Outdoor Receiver        
 WV-7360  National Remote Control Unit for-Pan/Tilt Zoom control        


 Dedicated Micros CCTV Equipment-USED   Equipment  Equipment
 Model Number  Description  Model Number  Description  Model Number  Description
 SYS DX16  DM/SPT3/D/16 (System Sprite) Mono Chrome (Manual)        
   DM/SPC3/D/C/16M (Mono Chrome)        
 SYS KBD  DM/KBS2 (System Sprite Keyboard) (Manual)        
  For other language manual please contact        


Who uses Securitex for such service?

The clients that uses our service are those who are still using the old, very old and in some case out of production or even obsolete analogue CCTV system (and there is no longer support or client who need additional service like going to site to dismantle the system) as indicated above and they are unable to get support or parts due to obsolete.


What Securitex do when this old system is sent to us?

When the old damage system is sent to us, we will tagged this equipment and will sent them to out test center to carryout troubleshooting. Once fault is established, we will check if repair can be done, quotation will then be forwarded to client to see if they will like the system to be repaired.


Is there any charges for such service provided by Securitex?

There will be a 1 time evaluation charge, which will depend on the item sent over to us. These charges cover labor and test equipment to troubleshoot the damage equipment. International client who sent their damage equipment to us for evaluation and repair will also pay for both way freight and tax incurred.


What happen if the equipment cannot be repaired?

If the equipment sent to us is beyond repair, client can collect them back or instruct us to disposed the damage equipment for them.


Do Securitex take in damage equipments from overseas for troubleshooting and repair?

Yes. Overseas client will need to freight the damage equipment at their cost both ways include tax to Securitex Test Centre, we will then evaluate and inform them of the repair cost.


Do Securitex assist to sent damage system to Authorized distributor and service centre for system repair?

Yes for a fee we will assist customer to sent their system for service at the authorized distributor and service centre and informed them of the repair status. We also handle the import and export of the system for client (note all this services are chargeable)


Do Securitex provide site evaluation on the damage equipment?

Yes this can be arrange. Please call 67852171 or email to get an estimate quote first. Before you call or email please prepare a detail report on the system. The more detail the client can give us on their system, the more accurate will be the estimate cost of the charges.


We are using the old obsolete CCTV system that need repairs very often, does Securitex do system migration from old system to new system?

Yes. We do system migration from the old and very old analogue system to new system. Once you have this requirement, just email us your request. If you are in Singapore we can pay you a visit to do site evaluation with charges and then subsequently we will give you a recommendation.


We are from overseas and we are using old system which we think of migration to the new system any suggestion for us?

Yes. If you are from overseas and you want to know if your old system can be migrated to a new system, just sent us the brand and model of your old system including the year of installation. Also sent us the old system spec if you have them. If the old system spec is in hard copy. Just scan and email them to us. Take photos of the existing system as detail as possible. Upon received of this information we will sent your request to our technical design department to study your old system and then will prepare a new system option for your site.


Our CCTV system are installed in our vessel ( ship) do Securitex do system like this?

Yes. Same just sent us the brand and model of your old system including the year of installation. Also sent us the old system spec if you have them. If the old system spec is in hard copy. Just scan and email them to us. Take photos of the existing system as detail as possible. Upon received of this information we will study your old system and then will prepare a new system option for you. You can also dismantle the damage system from your vessel, sent us the detail of the equipment, if you do not have the detail just sent us photograph of the equipment, we will evaluate and let you know if this equipment can be repaired. Once we confirmed that this old equipment can be repaired when your vessel sails into Singapore, you just need to sent this equipment to us. You can also freight your damage equipment to us from overseas.


We are a maintenance contractor do your company support contractor in maintenance of such old system?

Yes. But on case by case basis.


We have old damage system and we found that the manufacturer are still around does Securitex provide service to sent this equipment to the manufacturer for repair and service?

Yes we do.


Our old analogue system was install in sensitive installation in Power Plant. Military base. Nuclear Facility and even prison. Does Securitex provide service to such facilities?  

Yes we can provide service to such location, but client to prepare the necessary permit to enter documentation for us. Although we do provide such service it also depend on our schedule and manpower available.


We have old CCTV system that we need to migrate from 1 location to another does Securitex provide such service?

Yes, please call or email us for more of such services.


Will Securitex add more brands of CCTV for service and maintenance?

Yes when the time comes and more system is discontinued we will then look into the service and maintenance of such system.


What kind of test equipment do Securitex use for testing the old analogue CCTV system like the Pan & Tilt system. Zoom Lens and Analogue Cameras?

In our test centre we carry the various brands of CRT Monitors like Panasonic. Pelco. Sanyo. PTZ keyboards with many international protocols like Pelco. Baxall. BBV. American Dynamic. Panasonic. Samsung etc  . PTZ receivers. Matrix. Fiber optics transceivers. Time Lapse Recorder. Old Analogue Digital Video Recorders. Quads Processor and Automatic Switchers etc, we uses this equipments to simulate the client site condition to test the system.   


For Pelco Analogue Systems that need Service or Repair please visit us at the below link 

Pelco CCTV Equipment (


Note: Securitex CCTV test Center is not associates with any specific brand and model listed above. We are also not a distributor or agent to some of the brands and we are an independent company that assist customer with their CCTV system request and maintenance, we highly advice all customer that if their system is malfunction, to sent their system to the Authorized Service Center of the respective manufacturer of the brand. Client who use our service must take note that they are sending their system to us at their own risk which in some case warranty can be void by the Original Manufacturer. We (do not take in equipment that is still under warranty anyway) as this will affect the original warranty. However if client insist, they know full well that the original warranty will be affected. All brand listed above are the sole and original property of the manufacturer and distributor we are just the company that sells, carry and maintained the system for customer that use them. Securitex do not claimed ownership of this brand and we will protect the reputation of this brand and the system to the fullest of our knowledge.




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