KCV-A372, KCV-D372 and KCV-A374 Flat and Touch Screen


Securitex Kocom Intercom System Division

Kocom Intercom Flat & Touch Screen Colour Video Door phone system

The KCV-A374, KCV-D374, KCV-D374SD, KCV-A374SD / A372 & D372 was developed and manufactured by Kocom Korea as the new generation Video intercom to compliment the new generation home Flat Screen Plasma, LCD and LED smart TV system that replace the CRT monitor. With the Flat & Touch Screen design it change the way the intercom is display and communicate with the door station. This system now is also hands-free communication. The quality of this system is so high that it automatically been selected as the alternative to replace a lot of the well know brand in the intercom, and interphone industry.

The presentation below shows the system layout of the new generation KOCOM intercom system equipment. Detail specification and catalogue can be downloaded directly by clicking on the link. All system image, catalogue, leaflet, manual and literature are the property of Kocom and is courtesy from Kocom.  


KCV-A374/A372 & D372 (KOCOM KCV-A372, D372 and A374 main Catalogue Page 1 Click here)

Door Station / Gate Station intercom c/w camera for the KCV-A372, D372 & D374 Series Intercom.

This Door station is either a 2 cable or 4 cable application

   KC-MC20                              KC-MC22                                                KC-MC30                                     KC-MC31


Detail Installation of KCV-A374 please click here to download

The Lay out of the system can be downloaded from here. Please Click on the image to transfer the High Quality Catalogue.

Kocom KCV-A372, D372 and A374 main Catalogue Page 2 System Presentation Click here

Kocom KCV-A372, D372 and A374 main Catalogue Page 3 System Layout Click here

Kocom KCV-A372, D372 and A374 main Catalogue Page 4 System Cabling and setup Click here


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