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Corporate Profile
Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering a company registered in the Republic Of Singapore with more than 20 years of operation in the field of Security system distribution, Security system designed, security consultation etc. Our commitment to the industries and  to our customer is in providing only the best and extremely high quality systems and services to the commercial, industrial and residential security facilities. Over the past few years we move on from doing security project for building to now we include security application for Oil, Gas, Aviation, Marine and  Petrochemical facilities as one of our main core business. 

As a responsible company in the security field we have extent our expertise on the field of security to this industries against terrorism and facilities disaster prevention. We provide intelligence and security solutions for corporate security division and implementation of security system for this organization. Our service is not only confined to the Asia Pacific region but also worldwide security consultation. We work with worldwide security service provider, consultant and manufacturer as well as military vendors and contractor to bring more up to date security systems to our customer. All organization and corporate reputations remain highly secured and top secret through our uncompromising commitment to the professionalism and confidentiality.


SPF Licence: To ensure that Securitex comply with the local licensing regulation we are Registered and licensed by the Singapore Police Force to ensure that all our services meet the standard laid out by the authority.

IDA Licence: Securitex is also IDA Licensed.

Cutting Edge Technology
We always maintained the highest quality of service to the industries at times even surpass the international security and intelligence standard with up to date security system by using cutting edge technology including provide anti-terrorism, force protection, physical and electronic security system and surveillance to government agencies, military vendor and contractor, the Oil and gas facilities, Hazardous Chemical facilities, Petrochemical complex. Air purification plant, Power Plant, Water treatment facilities, aviation industries, logistic security management for air, sea and land as well as commercial clients. With our non-compromised attitude toward safety and security and only carryout our business to the international standard we ensure that when our customer do business with us, they only get the best from the industries specially selected by us.

Independent consultant
We use our unique specialized expertise, knowledge and techniques to evaluate sites and countermeasures to minimize threats and the probability of successful disruption or destruction of assets when quoting and recommending system to customer. As an independent consultant unaffiliated with any equipment manufacturers and any specific organization, Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering objectively provides cost-effective solutions while avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate security measures. We only believe in providing the best in the industries and will never compromises the project base on the cost competition to secure project.

High profile clients that we service are:
Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering
has worked on some extremely high profile security projects, like providing CCTV surveillance, area surveillance, access control system, fingerprint identification system and Carpark management system, Securitex Evacuation Management Systems, Securitex Visitor Management Systems,  etc in various facilities in Singapore and Jurong Island. (Singapore largest Petrochemical complex on Jurong Island that house major worldwide companies like CRODA Singapore Pte Ltd. Oiltanking Singapore Limited, Oiltanking Offjell Terminal Singapore Pte Ltd, Oiltanking Helios Terminal Singapore Pte Ltd, Vopak Terminal Jarkata. ExxonMobil , Chevron, Mitsubishi Chemical, The Polyolefin Co, EGS, Petrochemical Complex Singapore, PPSC, Denka, Island Pipe Gas, Soxal, Sembawang Utilities Terminal, Eastman, Poval Asia Pte Ltd, Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd FACI, Katone Natie SembCorp, SI Group-Singapore Pte Ltd, Stella Chemifa Singapore Pte Ltd etc). On Singapore mainland we provide security system to Shell Eastern petroleum, Esso & Mobil petrol station, LPG Gas refilling plant (Dutch). Lubrication refining and drumming plant (Finland) Electronic system manufacturing plant (Japanese) and many Fortune 500 Companies etc

Commercial, industrial and residential project
Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering
has also provided high profile security engineering solutions for many commercial, industrial, residential and government projects in Singapore, the Asia pacific region and the world over.

For more than 18 years Securitex has been successfully designed and implemented many security systems for private, as well as some federal state and local government clients. These services have included countermeasures and systems to thwart the threats of terrorism, theft, drug trafficking, vandalism, information loss and violent crime. Our experience ranges from the designed of sophisticated system used to protect critical chemical plant components to cost-effective security measures employed in the country's public schools and even some government premises. We have even design system specially for marine vessel application and surveillance system for Aviation industries, land transport and power plant.

Corporate philosophy.
Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering
put all our client interest before us and this philosophy filtered down from very top management at CEO level to the tea lady in our organization even subcontractors are not spared. Client system downtime and system failure is our failure. Client complaint is our failure in providing inadequate service etc. Finally one point to note is that security is a combination of the few things you see and the many things you donít. Most of all security is a feeling of letting you be free from fear or doubt. At Securitex every security solution is unique. No client project or situation is ever the same.

Safety Management policy

Securitex safety to carry out the project, safety to work safely, safety for the public, safety for the workers. safety in the worksite. Report of safety infringement even if it means losing our jobs or projects all this is our company policy absolutely no compromised.  

Quality Assurance and Conformity

Securitex quality assurance ensures all systems before leaving our factory undergo very stringent checks and burn-in tests before installation. All our vendors are also required to provide test reports on equipment used from time to time. Any new system or equipment introduce to the market by us will have gone through some form of check and test with the industries that uses them. On our part we will also conduct independent test to ensure the system comply with the manufacturer recommended guide line in use. If system are to be install at site by 3rd party contractor, we will visit site to conduct check to ensure that all the quality standard are adhere to.

Manufacturer support

All system supply and recommended by us will come with direct and indirect support from the manufacturer from host country. This manufacturer are from United State of America, United Kingdom. Europe. Italy, Germany. New Zealand etc. We also work and engage with international independent support engineers to ensure if we have situation that is beyond our capability to solve we seek their advice.

International Sales and marketing
Our company market its products to the industry's leading installers, developers, architects, security system dealers and distributors. System integrator etc. We also produce OEM and customized equipment for our customers if needed. Our clientele includes companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, PNG, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and even South Africa, Egypt and the middle east country, Japan, United States Of America. United Kingdom, Maldives, India, Poland, Russia etc.

Consultancy Service
The company also provides consultancy service for designers, architects, developers, managing agents and individuals on their existing systems and also new systems. We also provide repairs and maintenance services on system installed by other firms.

Company forward vision (Big organization)
Since year 2000 to 2016 we have been focusing on the security application to the following organization.

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical facilities, Airport, seaport security, land transport system, military base and army camp, Banking and financial institution, institute of higher learning, Schools and campus, Medical and biomedical facilities, Hospitals, Logistics and warehousing security system. Area surveillance system for public area, Commercial building like shopping arcade and malls, Food manufacturing facilities, Exhibitions, convention and expo venue etc.

Not forgetting the organization and people who bring us success today.
We started as a very small company in providing security system to small companies and individual and without the continuous support we will not be what we are today. Thus today when we are providing services to the high profile industries we also believe in taking care of the smaller businesses and the individual security in this adverse security instability and economic condition. As such we will still undertake small projects and assignment that this organization entrusted to us, thus you can be assure of the quality service we will be providing you and your organization and of course at a very reasonable price. As such feel free to contact us if you will like us to serve you. No business is too small or too big for us.

E-store setup.
To provide added service to our customer, Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering have set up an On-line distribution center to distribute and sell security equipment over the internet under the company SecureCiti International direct to end user at . We also provide FAQ on security alarm system and CCTV system application. Please feel free to visit us at the above address. Lots of product are display in our e-store, however if the item you required are not there please e-mail us at our technical sales personnel will assist you to get the item you require.



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Wireless alarm System LS9001A FAQ Monitor vacation home Baby &  Maid CCTV Surveillance System Remote transmitter Elsema FMT101NL
Wireless Intercom system Monitor Children Remote Tele-Surveillance & Global-I system Remote transmitter Elsema FMT301NL
2.4Ghz wireless AV system Monitor Maid Nanny Baby Sitter RIB Automation K5 & K10 Auto Sliding system Remote receiver Elsema FMR201
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Enterphone Tele-Entry system Motorbike alarm system FAAC 746 Auto gate sliding CAME Swing gate system
Ebelco Electromagnetic Lock Biometric Fingerprint system FAAC 844 Auto gate sliding CAME Sliding gate system
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