Access Control System and Application

What is access control system

Access control is the process where by movement in and out of a building is controlled through specific doors, elevators and even gates for specific people at specific times. This is needed when the areas are of high security where extra security is required beyond intrusion detection. Example of this area are:  Military installation, Oil and gas facilities, Hospital, Prison, Airport and so on even normal offices is also inclusive. Although these area may be frequent by many people, certain area within this area will still be out of bound to unauthorized person. Thus this is where the access control system play an important part. Access control system should also come with the ability to run specialized reports which show who accessed these premises and when, with date and time and even identification code (ID).
Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering with its subsidiary SecureCiti International  provides various options in access control which may be used as standalone or integrated into the building security system. We carry and designed system from a single door to as many doors as you need to control access.

What are the equipment involved in access control system

Access control system  usually involve the use of magnetic locks, swipe card reader, Proximity card reader system, keypads even remote transmitter for entry and exit control and now the latest in this is the biometric access control system ranging for fingerprint. Veins, retina and even facial recognition system.

How do I choose my access control system

To choose an access control system for your premises. First you must access what level of security you need. How many people is going to use this system. Do you need to keep a log or print hard copy on who access the premises and so on. Once the above is established it will be easy for you to decide what system to use. 

What is a Keypad reader

A keypad reader is a reader that allow access to a premises or facilities by simply punching in the correct PIN numbers, the system will release a door holding devices eg: Electro Magnetic lock, door strike and even automatic gate and barrier to permit entry. If a wrong PIN code is input into the system access will be denied.

What is a Card reader system

Card reader system is a reader that allow access by authorized cardkey either mag strip, weigand, barcode or proximity card. To use this system, simply swipe or present the valid card to this card reader and the system will release a door holding devices eg: Electro Magnetic lock, door strike and even automatic gate. If an unauthorized card is use on the system access will be denied.

What is a Proximity card reader

Proximity card reader is a system where by access to the reader is by a contact less proximity card, simply present a valid card to this card reader and the system will release a door holding devices eg: Electro Magnetic lock, door strike and even automatic gate. If an unauthorized card is use on the system access will be denied.

What is a magnetic swipe card reader

Magnetic swipe card reader is a reader where by access to the reader is by a Magnetic swipe cardkey this key have a magnetic strip where all the access information is store. Simply swipe the card to this card reader and the system will release a door holding devices eg: Electro Magnetic lock, door strike and even automatic gate.

How does E-M lock work

EM-lock (Electromagnetic Lock) uses electromagnetism to hold the lock mechanism or the magnet de-energized and release the lock plate.

How does a typical access control system work

A typical access control system usually consist of a card/pin reader, Electromagnetic lock or door strike. Power supply system and a push button. To use this system, the authorized card/pin user when approach the reader will just have to use the cardkey or pin number. Once the correct data is present to the reader system, through an interface the locking / door holding devices will be de-energized and the door can be push open. From inside of building to exit the building the person will just have to press a door lock release switch and the system will release the lock. A power back-up unit will be incorporated into most access control system, this will act as standby power in the event there is a power outage. For certain safety requirement a break glass is incorporated into the system for emergency release of the door.

What happens if I am using an access control system in my premises and there is a fire

Most building fire alarm system will have a door release contact that must be interface into the Access control system controller (FSB code of practice). Once the fire alarm bell sounded, the door release contact will release the access control E-M lock by cutting of the power supply to the lock, thus release the door. However if this fails a break glass similar to the Fire Break Glass install on the wall near the entrance, once broken by impact will also cut off the power supply and release the electric door.    

The following are some of the access control equipment that we mentioned above

Proximity pad reader AC-22AC-13


Door strike LES-124

Exit button

Power supply

Digital Keypad and Proximity reader

Door Magnet

Door Strike

Press button

Back-up power supply system

The following link will help you to further understand the various type of access control available to you.

Syris access control system

Securitex AC-008S (Syris card and Pin) Access Control system and accessories

Roger access control system

Securitex AC-008BS (Virdi 300NR) Access Control system and accessories

Trigon Tele-entry system

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Enterphone Tele-entry system

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Biometric fingerprint access control system

Securitex E-guard Drop-bolt Access Control system accessories

Elevator Access control system

Securitex ACSL-1000A “Roger”Access Control system accessories


Securitex AC-010 “Roger” Data Collector and audit Control system


Securitex AC-009 Rosslare AC13 Access Control system accessories


Securitex AC-021 Rosslare AC21 Access Control system accessories (Proximity system)

Understanding and choosing the right accessories for your door access control system

To understand when to used EM-lock and when to used dead-bolt, it's relatively simple. If you need to swing your door both way electrical dead-bolt will be used, otherwise EM-lock will the most ideal lock to use. If your door swing inwards than you will requires an additional LZ bracket to secure the armature plate outward swing door will not require this LZ bracket as the armature plate is secure to the door directly. U channel will be used for all frameless glass door to secure the armature plate to the glass door (Armature plate is the metal plate that the electromagnet hold on to). 



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