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When you are in this page it is because either you are not able to find the item you need, you requires to speak to someone or you simply want to send an email to us to make an enquires.

We value all your calls, emails and comment.

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Tel: +65-67852171 (24hrs)

Fax: +65-65850107 (24hrs)

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Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering Block 9010 Tampines St 93 #04-145 Singapore 528844

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Customer satisfaction.

At Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering, your satisfaction is most important to us. If you have any suggestion on how we can further improve our site to make your shopping more easy and convenience, please feel free to submit your suggestion to us, we will study the feasibility and implement them as much as possible. At Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering no reasonable request will be turn down. 

Internet Product Pricing.

The prices on our web store are FIXED and non- negotiable. However because  price of product varies from site to site and countries to countries on the internet, thus if you requires us to quote you special price due to special reason please feel free to call us or write to us.  We will try to match the price to meet your budget. For customer who can show proof that they are contractors, reseller of our product and they are able to make a  minimum bulk order stipulated by us, a trade discount will be granted to them on a case by case basis.

Delivery cost.

Due to the high cost to Air freight some heavy  product to some of our overseas customer and we find that it is not cost effective. At times we will direct you to another site nearer to you to purchase similar type of equipment that can be use together with ours, In this way you will be able to save few hundredth dollars at times on the freight charges. However if you still insist to purchase from us it's absolutely welcome.

Finally if you do have any suggestion that can improve our site or services please feel free to contact us or email us at.

Thank You.

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Securitex Alarm system FAQ   Select right camera system Digital Video Recorder EDR 1600 Everfocus Remote receiver Elsema FMR212
Wireless alarm System LS9001A Monitor Employee Digital Video Recorder Video E-Net Chateau XP Remote receiver Elsema FMR224
Wireless alarm System LS9001A FAQ Monitor vacation home Baby &  Maid CCTV Surveillance System Remote transmitter Elsema FMT101NL
Wireless Intercom system Monitor Children Remote Tele-Surveillance & Global-I system Remote transmitter Elsema FMT301NL
2.4Ghz wireless AV system Monitor Maid Nanny Baby Sitter RIB Automation K5 & K10 Auto Sliding system Remote receiver Elsema FMR201
2.4Ghz wireless AV system FAQ Monitor & Protect Senior Citizen CAME G2500 & G4000 Guad barrier Remote transmitter Elsema 302NL
Servant Access Control system Monitor & Discourage burglary RANGER Auto gate SL1600 sliding Our system Auto gate division
Access control system Application SA 2000 Motion detector security alarm LIBERALI CARDIN Auto barrier system FAAC 750 Auto gate swing
TRIGON Tele-Entry system SA 2000 Motion detector security alarm FAQ O&O K4 & K6 Automatic  barrier FAAC 422 Auto gate swing  
Enterphone Tele-Entry system Motorbike alarm system FAAC 746 Auto gate sliding CAME Swing gate system
Ebelco Electromagnetic Lock Biometric Fingerprint system FAAC 844 Auto gate sliding CAME Sliding gate system
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