Digital Video Recorder


The EDR1600 is designed particularly for the security industry, seamlessly combining video multiplexing, digital recording, and motion detection. This cutting edge technology of hot swapping allows users to upgrade the storage capabilities or to replace the HDD's without turning off the digital video recorder. EDR1600 is a fully integrated recording solution which replaces the need for numerous analog components.

  • Full capability triplex multiplexing for simultaneous video observation, recording, and playback
  • 16 color or B/W camera inputs with loop through
  • NTSC and PAL system switch able
  • Video output:
    • 1 VGA monitor output
    • 1 S-Video monitor output
    • 1 BNC composite video output
  • Call monitor: 1 BNC composite video output
  • Built-in MPEG-1 and JPEG compression
  • Full screen, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13, and 16 multi-screen display for monitoring playback
  • 2 Hard Disks
  • Unlimited recording time by expanding additional HDDs in disk arrays
  • Hot swappable Hard Disks
  • Recording rate: 30fps for NTSC, 25fps for PAL
  • Playback rate: 30fps for NTSC, 25fps for PAL
  • Independent record and playback: a total of 60fps for NTSC and 50fps for PAL
  • Various recording modes: continuous recording, time-lapse recording, and event recording
  • The pre-recording function is capable of storing images 10 seconds before alarm inputs
  • 24 alarm inputs with configurable actions at different times
  • 8 alarm outputs (4NC/4NO)
  • Event logging for video loss, motion, and alarm input
  • Intelligent motion detection with programmable area and sensitivity for each camera
  • Motion detection area- 16(width) x 12 (height) matrix
  • Powerful alarm processor with configurable triggering conditions and reaction
  • Nonvolatile program memory protects all programmable features against power loss
  • System auto recovery after power failure guarantees robust security surveillance
  • Graphic User Interface for easy operation
  • Built-in real-time kernel, no windows OS is required
  • Password authentication for multiple users for high degree security
  • Programmable time and day modes of recording operation
  • 10 character title generator for each camera input
  • Watchdog function for self-diagnosis and auto rebooting on system hang-up
  • Radar search functions such as thumbnail and direct search for reduction of time
  • Fast retrieval of recorded video either by time, date, location or alarm status
  • Pre and post alarm recording for alarm, motion and video loss with adjustable frame rate for each camera
  • Each video input had time, date and title for easy identification
  • CD-player like playback function operation.
Video format: NTSC/PAL auto sensing
Display format: 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16
Video input: 16 camera inputs with loop through, 1 Vp-p/75ohm
Video output:
  • Main Monitor:
    • 1 VGA monitor output, D-Sub 15pin
    • 1 S-video monitor output, 1 Vp-p/75ohm
    • 1 BNC composite video output, 1 vp-p/75ohm (optional)
  • Call Monitor:
    • 1 BNC composite video output, 1 Vp-p/75ohm
Video compression: MPEG-1 and JPEG
Resolution: 352 x 240 NTSC, 352 x 288 PAL
HDD storage: Up to 18 sets HDD, 3.5" half height IDE
Flash memory: 8MB
Recording rate: 30 frames/sec (NTSC), 25 frames per sec (PAL)
Video loss detection: Yes
Recording mode: Time-lapse recording, event recording
Playback rate: Up to 30 frames per second
Playback search: Radar search
Video Freeze: Yes
Video Loss Detection: Yes

EDR1600/F:16 channel digital video recorder, 110VAC

EDR1600/H:16 channel digital video recorder, 220VAC

EDR1600/K:16 channel digital video recorder, 240VAC

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System Connection to other devices.

The above shows some of the other devices that can be connected to the EDR1600. As the image is store in digital format, this images can also be view over the internet, Which instantly convert the EDR1600 into a Digital Remote Monitoring system. Finally because the image is recorded in the hard disk instead of tape, they can be easily printed using a printer. 



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