Free Security Tips

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1)  Videotape and make a list of all the contents of your home. Keep the video and the list of all valuables in a safe place, such  as a safe deposit box, in case of burglary you may need to identify your property and show proof of ownership.

2)  Install solid doors and good quality locks on doors and windows. This includes sliding glass doors as well. Make it not only difficult but also time consuming for burglar to gain entry. 70%of break-ins are through one of the doors or windows.

3)  Install iron grill and gate in your house (Do not use aluminum as this material is nice but not as strong as iron).

4)  Install and invest in a good quality security system and periodically change all security codes for your system, make a point to test the system weekly and used them even when you are in.

5) Ensure all perimeter lights are turn on in the night and invest in a CCTV system to capture the surrounding activity

6) When you are at home please ensure that your hand phone is within reach in case your home telephone lines is been cut by the burglar.

7) Always double check all doors and windows at night to be sure they are lock.

8) Call the police if you notice suspicious character loitering around your neighborhood.

9) Form a neighborhood watch group to look after your neighborhood.

10) Do not hide keys under the door mat or under a flower pot. 


11)  If you are going holiday for a period of time its wise to install a timer on some lightings so that they can be switched on automatically at a certain preset time.

12)  Remove obstructions on all structures or trees that are facing the windows and ventilation opening to prevent the burglar from entering the premises with the help of these. 

13) Do not leave behind ladders or tools that can be used by burglar to break into your house or apartment.

14) You can notify the police that you are going away for some time and also inform them who are the key holders if they need to enter your premises in emergency.

15) Please cancel or arrange someone to collect your mails or newspapers every day if you are going away for some time.

16) More security tip can be found at our Virtual store Website:

Always remember, a good quality security system not only save your valuable but can also save your life, if only you use them.

To buy or lease?

What is buy or lease security system?

When you buy a security system, the system belongs to you which you can decide where and how you want the system to be configured even the equipment installation can be decided by you. However if you lease the systems, normally the system remains the property of the security system company. Furthermore normally they have the final say on where the equipment will be installed and the coverage area. Any other coverage you request you might have to pay more, you will even have to continuously pay a management or monitoring fee for your lease system for an extended period of time. In the long run it may be more costly than a one time purchase. 

Do you own or lease your security system?

Some companies lease their systems instead of selling them. When looking for a security company to take care of your security needs make sure you purchase the system and not lease it. If  the system is purchased by you, you can  have the option to decide what type of system you need and if you are not happy with their after-sales service you can change to other company to service you..

Type of system you purchase.

Make sure the system that you buy or lease can be reprogrammed by another company. A lot of the larger companies lease or sell systems that can only be programmed by themselves and no one else. Thus forcing you to use their services even if they are bad. 

How much should you invest in a security system?

A basic security system for home or office costs about $ 800.00 to $1,500. However if security is your main concern we recommended that you purchase a system which will suit your needs now and in the future rather than on the cost alone as the deciding factors.

Big company is not always the best.

Smaller and medium size companies generally give you better and more personalize service. Furthermore their charges may be much lower. However in choosing a small company to look into your security needs, make sure that you know their company reasonably well, look at their setup and portfolio. Always remember that to a big company, you are just another small customer to them. However to a small company you are a very valuable customer to them .

Customer support and extended warranty.

Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering always value all our customers and we take pride in our system, as such we will continue to support our equipment even long after the spare parts is no longer readily available. How we accomplish this is by keeping enough parts for our customer  for the future. Furthermore because the system we sell and install for our customer have gone through very stringent test, check and material use are of high quality , we are very confident in this equipment as such all equipment purchase from us comes with an extended warranty of 18 to 24 months, Other manufacturer and supplier only cover 12 months.



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