Tips on How to Monitor Your  Babysitter or Maid

In Singapore we are heavily relying on our maids or babysitter to take care of our children, However, recently there are many reported cases of maid abusing the kids when their employer is not in. Most recently the maid that (1. accuse the child of molesting her, 2. feed the infant with acid because she is jealous of another maid and 3. Even suspected of   throwing the 14 months baby out of the 3 storey flat windows) and many unreported cases, well do you want this to happen to your child. Many of this behavior is not done on impulse but after prolong provocation. With a Maid Monitoring System you will be able to prevent the final eventual through the regular monitoring of her behavior, once you suspect any problem from her which can cause harm to your child, you can either correct her straight away or sent her back to the agent.  

Many of our customers are worry and frighten of the idea of covertly monitoring their babysitter or maid. We recommend that you don't. At Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering, we've heard from many parents and homeowners that there is great justification for protecting their most precious assets and that is their babies and children. Parents have good reason for concern when making these difficult decision to monitor their babysitter or maid as per our description above. Nationally, it has been found that over 75% of all parents that covertly monitor their babysitter and maid immediately find due cause to fire them after viewing the first video tape. 

When you monitor your babysitter or maid, you are in effect performing an integrity check on her. It's very simple: you are video taping the work habits of your maid without their knowledge, for the purpose of later evaluating her conduct, she relates, reacts and interact with your children or loved ones when you're not around is very important. You may either purchase a ready made "Conventional camera or covert camera" or buy a small video camera that you hide yourself. We will teach you how to use them below.

To monitor your maid we recommend that you use a covert camera example clock camera, motion detector camera or miniature board camera, book camera or VCR camera etc. But what to use depend on your needs, building lay out and application etc. In Singapore we do not have the luxury to use wireless camera which our government do not approve (if caught by the authority a fine of S$ 1000.00 and maybe imprisonment). As such a wired covert camera is the next best alternative.

Wired covert cameras are best used in Singapore as our house and apartment is quite compact and the distant between the camera to the  VCR we use for recording is not very far. Typically, you would run the camera's video cable under or behind objects and furniture to the VCR. When you purchase a monitoring system from us, our technical personnel will advise you on how to install them. Another reason for using the covert camera is because we do not want to offend our babysitter, maid and also to keep the deco in the house simple and nice.

                                                                    Location of the VCR to be install

It's best not to use a VCR that's located in the same room with the camera, as their is a higher risk of discovery. We recommend that you use a VCR that's located in a room that the maid does not visit often, example: master bed room or you can place the VCR in a lock wardrobe. Due to the dropping prices of VCRs, you can purchase a VCR just for recording your maid. All our camera system can even be connected to your existing VCR and TV sets. As an added plus, when you are not using these camera to record your maid, you can place it next to your child's crib or in the play room.  This way you will be able to monitor your child while you're in another room eg: kitchen, toilets or even when your are working on your computer in your study room.  For this purpose, you can take advantage of  both Audio & Video!

How to Watch your maid, in Real Time, While Away from your House

Remote Tele-Surveillance System (R.T.S.S) is the solution. You can watch your maid remotely by  "dialing" into your cameras at home.  How?  It's simple.  We sell devices that you connect to your camera system.  The device then sends the picture to your Laptop Computer or PC where you can view it!  For a more in-depth understanding on this technology, click here. To purchase e-mail SALES@SECURITEX.COM.SG or contact Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering at +65 67852171

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